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Too. So how would you cast providers see or access this EPA? Well, this is this is a funny thing about private data of any form Doug. It bleeds is the expression that we have the tendency to run and bleed. In theory, right? You know, your typical U cast provider, your typical voice provider would say, I have no way that I'm going to touch this EPA. That's doctor is dealing with patients. Let's say, for example, I leave a voicemail. I've got an appointment this afternoon. I'm not gonna make it. Hey Doc, this is Paul Redding. Here's my birthday. I'm not making this appointment today. Everything I just said is the PHI for my name to my birthday to the fact that I had an appointment in the right circumstances in the right records call logs. The IP address connecting. There's 18 possible identifiers that fall into this EPA bucket way beyond just the actual medical record. And I know that we probably have a lot of the managed service providers and the MSSPs in the world that are out there. I'll give you an example from my own personal experience. I understand MSV for about 14 years. And I had a technician come in and go, Paul, what do I do with this? Because a Doctor Who had an issue with outlook, you know, he keeps getting a pop up and drives him crazy. He gets to pop up. He's being smart. He thinks, you know what, I'm gonna make sure my health does fixes it this time. Screenshot attached to ticket and start to take it. Well that's great, except for the fact that he was looking at somebody's medical record on the PDF when he took that screenshot. That is now in my RM, if I took it through this RM tool, it's in my PSA, my tech has seen it. It's in my office. We are now as I said, that PHI just bled over to me as a service provider. And that's why they passed and found all the techie for a second bear with me, folks. It's why they pass what's called the omnibus rule. The omnibus rule sounds like a weird word. You'll never forget this again, Doug. It's how all these vendors fall into the box. I call it the on the bus rule. The omnibus rule basically says, if you have a single client and there is any possible way you can touch EPA, you get on the bus with them too. They're in the healthcare bus, get on the bus with them..

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