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So ask yourself in the nfl because you do you know boxing you don't allow four hundred pound guy fight someone who's one hundred and eighty have said this before that at the nfl level that are you is a crazy to thank you would say a running back can't be more than two hundred pounds linebacker can't be more than two hundred twenty pounds whatever it is but by bringing down the way do you would you increase the injury and again that would be something that you would have to compile the data put it all together i mean you you got guys now who are six seven three hundred who can move when i say move a four seven four eight four six and i might be pushing a little bit but you guys with speed and if you get big guys was speed or safeties who are six three and two thirty five were running a four five five some even faster and blowing somebody up on a hit why why why have weight limits never been introduced seriously i mean you just can't go box whoever you want a box you can't get into the octave gone with whoever you want to get into the octagon in i'm just a i've always wondered that and look how much bigger the players are now compared to the nfl previously and hey we love watching big strong guys big lineman a linebacker who's pig who can move i think there are i'm not saying i'm for that it just another ideal but you do that in high school wrestling the guy wrestling one hundred thirty whatever it is weight class based on your state is wrestling the guy who's to forty you do that to protect them physically right go to brown in boston thanks for the.

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