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Hey folks, I'm Kevin Correa and this is your E sports minute. It is now official one of the worst kept open secrets in the North American League of Legends scene has been announced. Former TSM midlander and four time LCS MVP burkes has joined team liquid as their starter for the 2022 season. In a promo video released by the organization, and noted the similarities between himself and liquid as they both have a winning mindset as their number one priorities with the announcement liquid rounds out their roster and are bloated with talent, jungler santorin and support court JJ return to the squad and new imports like X fanatic top winner Bible and rogues former marksman Hahn sama has all eyes on liquid when the season starts with the lock in tournament in January. In a bit of music video game news, Epic Games has brought another developer into their fold as they acquired harmonic music systems, the team behind Guitar Hero and rock band among other things, harmonics is coming into an industry where virtual concerts have had an increasing impact on the newer generation of gamers and through Epic Games will likely help them further capitalize on those opportunities in games like Fortnite. Harmonics announced that this acquisition will not change their current support for older games through updates and DLC, and it seems like they've found a new home after their tumultuous history of prior acquisitions and stints as an independent developer. Lastly, today marked the beginning of the blast premiere fall finals in CS go as four teams advanced in the upper bracket, while the losers dripped down to stay alive in the lower bracket. All of today's matches were sweeps as the closest one was australis surviving and overtime run by ninjas and pajamas, otherwise it was relatively uneventful. Liquid felt of vitality like many expected heroic swept phase and na'vi easily took down big. Matches will continue through the weekend with the grand final on Sunday. I'm Kevin Correa, that's my time and that has been your eSports minute. Follow us on Twitter at E Sports Network and that creates 24 and be sure to visit eSports network dot com for more stories written by our great staff, as well as connect with our score channel. We'll update you after the Thanksgiving weekend on Monday, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and we are forever thankful for you to listen and enjoy the E sports minute. It's a brand new thing..

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