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Got to say in this scenario, I'm definitely the first man. Do not talk to me until my lineup is set. Like a good neighbor. State Farm is there, get a quote today. The bill submits podcast is brought to you by FanDuel sportsbook as well as the ringer podcast network Copa checking out plain English with Derek Thompson. Man, that thing launched with a bang. He's done three so far really good. Feels like that pod's been around for a year or so. Great job. Smart guest, smart topics, and a big asset to the ringer podcast library. I hope you're checking that out. Speaking of checking things out, the third film from our music box series is launching 8 p.m. HBO Thursday night. Thanksgiving. And also in HBO Max as well, it's about DMX. It is called DMX. Don't try to understand and directed by Christopher fryers. It's really good. I don't know what to tell you. All 6 of these that we made, they're really good. There's no stinkers. There's no run in the litter. They're all just really good. People love the Alanis one last week. You're gonna let the DMX one as well. It's emotional. Just warning you now. So I don't know. Look, you might want to watch football on Thursday night and then get to it over the weekend. You might be tired of football by Thursday night. I might want to watch something with the whole family. But this is a really good film. We were really proud of it. We are proud of this whole series. And if you missed the first two jagged or Woodstock 99, those are on HBO Max. So there you go, coming up. Peter schrager and I are gonna mix things up because we've been a little stagnant, a $1 million picks, not really getting killed, but not winning money either. So we're gonna mix it up. We're just doing it on Tuesday. We're gonna try to get the Thursday games in. We do a $1 million picks. And then Jim Miller who's been on this podcast a few times talking about SNL and ESPN and CAA well, he wrote a new book about HBO. It is almost a thousand pages. It is an exhaustive oral history. It's really good. And we're going to talk about HBO. So that is the podcast for today. $1 million picks, Jim Miller. It's all next first, our Friends from Pearl Jam. All right, Peter schrager is here. We are mixing it up this week. Usually we do this on a Thursday. We could have taped it ahead and could tape the Wednesday we could do it. No, we're doing it Tuesday. It's 11 o'clock.

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