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That spike in virus cases, Visitors to Chicago from Wisconsin must remain in quarantine for two weeks. Also added to the city's quarantined list. Montana, Idaho, Minnesota in Puerto Rico, while Kentucky and Louisiana were taken off the list. Let's get Update on w G N sports Here's David. It was two weeks ago, the Oklahoma City Thunder announced. Billy Donovan would not return is their head coach. The wheels immediately began turning Donovan was not a work for long. He lands in Chicago, chosen by New Bulls front office boss our tourist Karnishovas to try to get the Bulls back to the playoffs. White Sox clinched a playoff spot with plenty of time to spare. But Clinching the division is proving a bit trickier after they dropped their third straight, letting a 3 1/10 inning lead. Get away and losing in Cleveland. 5 to 3 Jose Ramirez tag Jose Ruiz for the game winning three run shot. Alex Column A worked the ninth for the socks would've pitched the tent, but manager Rick Renteria said he had back spasms in Cleveland rallied against Matt Foster and Ruiz. The Siri's continues later today. Our pregame at 4 35. The Cubs clinched a playoff spot despite losing in Pittsburgh three to a walk off home run from Jacob Stallings in the ninth After Anthony Rizzo tightened the eighth with a two run shot, Like the White Sox that comes magic number is four in their division. Atlanta clinched the least the Dodgers clinched the number one seed, the National League. Back in the N B, a Denver held off the Lakers in the Western Conference finals. What 14 Watto six. They trailed the Siri's to one game three of the Stanley Cup finals tonight, Tampa Bay and Dallas tied 11. David it w.

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