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I don't know they just got pulled from the card for some reason was we hobby for tally <hes> and then you actually frank mir win. I now now big win <hes> then surrogate cureton verse map madryn. I didn't see this fight lies so the highlights matt apparently had an issue with his mouth piece piece <hes> aurora. I want to go with this guy. You know i think you've been matt tell you the mouthpieces the pieces and the reason why he lost you know the mouth pieces of is was the focus in a distraction from what was going on inside that cage <hes> when your mouth piece would you know when you worry about a mouthpiece in the middle of a street fight inside a steel cage question how bad matt wanted you know i have you ever had a mouthpiece made like last minute or whatever <hes> so. It's how much of the issue is that in your mouth south not that crazy. The last thing i'm worried about <hes> is the last thing i'm worried about. I used to use a bolt boil and bite that i used from fucking popoin some fights. It's the last thing i'm worried about men. I'm worried like my fucking head kicked off getting taken down or you know gassing out like my mouthpiece. I don't give a fuck his tough to see you know they made money. Yes some current events region sure do conor mcgregor made news because a personal attacks on a boxing champion liu keeler but on this article says and his two young sons so i looked at this supporter apparently going back and forth already just talking shit. Do you guys know what's going on here. Because originally i think they start talking shit because this luke keillor says is he. I think he started talking. Shit about connors antics right. It was like okay so he messes connor sad to see notorious m._a. Stoop so low the same to a friend of mine couple of years ago and still walk around acton acton the gangster. I'd be happy to put in his place. If he had the ball step in the ring again at apparently somehow they were a phone call what was arranged between between both of them and then they're going at it and it was to the point where luke actually gave his phone to his manager because he's got to uncomfortable and they were supposed to box teach other mario okay so luke. <hes> says he has agreed to fight after showing match on the phone but daffy will it would be cooks way for him to get irish people's respect back but respect in class something he has none of and something money can't buy luke tweeted. Put tweet it out. I'm up to number four in the w._b._a._l. You bill rankings and close to agreeing world to fight patties weekends. Thanks to peter taylor taylor box in m._t._a. Global giving me this far but i'm just getting started and and <hes> i will go all the way then connor at the torso may put rest in peace. Bobby mcgee set paul canavan having people that were murdered in ireland there that are connected to boxing gym into blank blank boys god bless them them and i can't find any tweets covered too so apparently that is talking to his sons him threatening his kids. I have no idea this is weird. That's weird yeah but you can't can't find any like tweets or anything and took it down. That's what they said yeah but the headline reads against irish boxing champion liu keeler and his two young sounds which i don't think it is. I don't know obviously over the weekend. Connor apologized for what he did on aerial show i didn't. I didn't see any of the interview on e._s._p._n. Yeah on was i used. I can't believe e._s._p._n. Eared anything aerial does yeah it was like i was throwing shade at him. I'm just you never see the guy on sportscenter and it was on a yeah. I was was like just a split screen interview but clearly just making the apology tour did anyway watch it. I'll watch it seems sincere real well. I'm all about if it's an apology jeans like he's like dude. Listen it. I before you gotta. Marie says if he would've went on like this man how old is kinda now twenty eight twenty eighty nine thirty one okay thirty getting up there but let's say he's twenty eight twenty if he goes listen man. I'm twenty eight two hundred.

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