Richard Corddry, Director, President Trump discussed on Money Pit


Nine karn cbs news update the question of the consumer financial protection bureau who is in charge richard corddry has resigned as director the consumer rights agency naming his deputy is acting director apparently move aimed at heading off any effort to get the plays president is named mick mulvaney the director of the office of management and budget as temporary director he's called the bureau a joke cbs news correspondent will burnett the white house says because of the role athena's act it can appoint and whoever that can lead the agency that even senator elizabeth warren today who help create this entity tweeted directly at the president and saying you cannot override the doddfrank policy which permits it's direct had to make those personnel decisions so is not clear who will be in charge come monday morning president trump tweets that the bureau has been a total disaster is run by the previous administrations papette promises we will bring it back to life cbs news update i'm sam litzinger this evening mainly clear skies with a low of forty nine sunny to partly cloudy tomorrow with a high of sixty five cloudy skies still for tomorrow night with a low of thirty eight plenty of sunshine on monday rather pleasant with a high of sixty nine clear again monday night with a low forty one more sunshine on tuesday rather mild with a high of sixty eight and for wednesday cloudy with a passing shower or two and a high sixty four i'm accuweather's gregory patrick weeks use michel sabbah showing for more was something below sophomore were obsessed with sexual crap while with torture the enslavement the rate of people is going on around the world mainly muslim countries and the slaughter of beautiful animals like elephants lions rhinoceros goes on in the name.

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