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Now, here's your host Brian Bush, a happy homecoming in Ann Arbor wolverines win their fifth straight forty two to twenty one over the Maryland Terrapins. Welcome into the post game show, Brian Bush with you tons coming your way over the next hour or so Jon Jansen will share his thoughts will go into the Michigan locker room with head coach Jim Harbaugh some player's stats highlights and out of town scoreboard and a whole lot more. But first, let's get the thoughts of the guys who called the game. Jim Brandstatter, Dan, beard, orphan and guys. Michigan eluded a slow start. Again, they had the the yardage. They weren't able to convert touchdowns. But that surge late in the first half really helped his team take off pensively to a fifth straight victory. You got that right. Brian, by the way, great job. You back a game central to do. We're going to check in right now and get to our victory of the game today, which is brought to you by wolverine human services, and Dan, we've talked about it a little bit during the break. A lot of guys had the possibility. Gentry with a career day and receiving but shape Patterson. His most yards passing in a game at Michigan. Two hundred eighty two and nineteen completions. Three touchdowns one interception. He spread it around in nine different receivers. Those are all great numbers, but his ability to escape. Make plays with his feet. I thought set him apart and he earns are Victor of the game shape. Patterson displayed some suggest raw athleticism today. The kid is. You know before he came here, and I was loath to hear people say this. But they they made some references to Johnny Manziel. You know, that type of a run around in the pocket quarterback and drive people. Crazy we saw some of that today, he tortured the some of the unblocked defenders from Maryland. Three run out. I gotta say that is a perfect word. He tortured them. How many how it seriously if you're the defensive coordinator for Maryland, you you called a lot of really successful bullets where you had an unblocked guy with a dead. Did I on the quarterback, and you came up with nothing go back in history. And your remember Vince young from Texas did the same thing you had him dead to rights, and somehow he got away. I, and you know, what that affects when mar when Wisconsin is watching tape all this week. It's going to affect how they call the game. There's no doubt about it. It's going to. It's it's gotta change the way they rush the quarterback. We saw we saw what we were all hoping to see today from shape Patterson. You know, was it a perfect game. No. He threw an interception. I'm sure he's upset about that. But he did have three touchdown passes every member Jimmy he had one call back. Yet, another touch touched out. It was called back on a on a on a penalty. J Patterson are victims of the game brought to you by wolverine human services, helping children to become victors. Now, the only person who played better quarterback today was Perry because he was one for one. Yes, he was he had higher quarterback rating than shape Patterson, but he under through Sean peculiar if he if he actually hit him in stride, Sean might have scored which would have made him one for one and a touchdown. Now. The other interesting play Ronnie bell his second career catch. Also his second career touchdown pretty productive pretty productive. Indeed. And talk about becoming the target. Zach gentry was targeted eight times made seven catches for a career best one hundred twelve yards as long thirty one. I'll tell you what gentry out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The former quarterback he's becoming the real deal as a receiver for shea Patterson. And and again, we said this four years ago when Jim Harbaugh arrived here, if you're a tight end you wanna play in Jim Harbaugh offense because he features the tight ends Zach gentry had seven receptions today. Mccune had had three. You know, that's ten reception. To give you an example. The Maryland tight ends the Maryland tight ends for the entire season have one reception. So if you're a tight end if you don't wanna play in this offense or something there's something really wrong with you. Well, one final look at the stats if you look at the total numbers Michigan with four hundred and sixty five yards of total offense to Maryland to twenty. That's doubling them up and both teams with a turnover Michigan with a big time of possession advantage. Thirty five thirty nine to twenty four twenty one. And that those numbers are indicative of Michigan's forty two twenty one victory, Dan, thank you. We were looking at numbers, by the way in the third quarter. Then we're going to be historic in terms of how much are defense throttle. It offers a number that you gave Koran hick had more Carey's. There was a time when he had twenty two carries and Maryland had twenty yards that seriously that one is for the.

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