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Offer today days away from announcing his next supreme court nominee president trump whittling his potentials list what was a list of about two dozen is thought to be down to a handful of candidates president trump has met with her spoken with seven potential supreme court nominees listed includes utah senator mike lee other candidates are appeals court judges brett cavanaugh molefe the par amy coney barrett joan larsen raymond catholic in thomas hardiman believed to have been a runner up when justice neal gorsuch was nominated last year in washington jared halpern fox new british man and his girlfriend remain in critical condition after being overcome with a mysterious substance now confirmed to be the same one the nearly killed a former russian spy in that same area of great britain just a few months ago we can confirm that the man and woman have been exposed to the nerve agent nova which has been identified as the same nerve agent contaminated assistant police commissioner neil the su who says how the couple came in contact with novacek is it clear yet london blames the kremlin for the earlier poisonings charged which moscow denies in northern thailand thai navy divers are training dozen a dozen young soccer players trapped in a flooded cave all the use of underwater breathing equipment the boys who have been in that cave for more than ten days may have to swim a half mile through a narrow flooded passage to gain their freedom that is a less rescuers could find another way out they have found in other cable pinning they're now trying to determine if there's a way to connect a texas woman has been arrested and charged with selling her seven year old son and trying to peddle her two daughters ages two and three the texas department of public safety says twenty nine year old esmerelda garza corpus christi's being held in one hundred thousand dollars bond police found the boy had been sold when they executed a drug warrant i'm jack callaghan fox news radio.

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