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It's forty six at O'Hare forty six midway Forty-six in Roselle and forty five at Chicago's lakefront. I'm John desalvo in the WGN radio news room in these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. Gilio here on seven twenty WGN. We are live in the AllState skyline studio and. As as Mary came in this morning, Mary van devel- came in this morning. She told me that her son in law is really mad at me. Is it? Let me let me get married here. Hello. Hi, mary. Hi. So your son in law, who's mad musician. He was so mad because yes, he saw it on on Saturday now Hemu rhapsody bohemian rhapsody with my daughter and so yesterday, we're watching the football game. And I read your text, you know. Facebook post, all you gotta read this from Nick. Egeli? Breath like oh boy. A yellen. I said, well, you gotta understand Nixon movie critic a very into Queen. He knows the story. Add Dido, he took it literally. Here's the thing. I know a lot of people the ton of people went to fifty million dollars. Yeah. I made a lot of money. And I know a lot of people enjoyed it. The crowd that I saw it with. You know, there was applause at the end of the movie, it's just that. I'm too familiar with the story and the amount of inaccuracies and in blatant lies that are in the movie is is kind of staggering. So it it just got me mad. But the music's great. I saw an I max, it was nice and loud and the actors greats. Yeah. I mean, he's he's he's really terrific. Alec Remmy Malik. He's really terrific. Unfortunately, he's not giving much to do. Thing. Well, he does sing. Yeah. I mean, he sings the they they have a combination of the used, Freddie, they used they used him. And they used another vocal coach to to provide. 'cause you need three people to try and replace, Freddie. Mercury. Yeah. But yeah, I just I know the story to too well. And I, you know, he's in Freddie, Mercury in my opinion is the greatest the greatest singer in rock and roll history and one of the greatest frontman ever. And I just kept getting mad and matter and matter matter as the the lies and Petit didn't leave. No, no, I didn't leave in the last fifteen minutes of the best part of the movie lasts. Fifteen minutes is them recreating the the entire Live Aid performance. Oh, that's the last fifteen minutes in the movie, and he's amazing in the last fifteen minutes. But the other thing about it is that, you know, sitting through this movie was really aggravating for me because it's so inaccurate. And so wrong. And then you don't even have to sit through it. Because the the actual Live Aid performance is available on YouTube. It's one of the greatest live performances in the history of music was the twenty minutes that they played it live eight I vividly, remember watching my friends, and I watching it live as it happened. And when it was over we were like, no, I don't I don't know who's going to try and follow that. Ooh. I can't remember who followed it. Nobody remembers to who followed it everybody just remembers. I remember watching it and just being stunned by wonder how many people are gonna watch it now after seeing the movie. Yeah. No, I'm sure that I'm sure I'm sure it's you know, spiking on YouTube right now. But that was my thing about the movie was don't if you're if you don't care about, Freddie, mercury's life, don't see the movie and just watch the watch the actual video of the real footage. I know you've been talking about it all morning, but I'm really excited to see this movie because A I love Rummy Malik. I'm mister robot fan be I know absolutely nothing about Queen. So he's going to be a new story now. Well, you you still won't know anything about Queen. Have you see this wonderful? So you won't know anything, you know, anything that really happened to Queen after you see the movie, but the music's great. That's all I'm saying if you like Grammy Malik, he's you know, he came to play like he totally immersed himself in this role. I gotta give it to him. So are there any books you would recommend? Queen books. There are much. I'm trying I'm trying to remember I've read like three books about Freddie, Mercury and Queen. And I can't remember the titles. Maybe you should try to, you know, tell people which. What's what's the actual? And also like to tell my son or by him the book or something? Yeah. I can I should probably look those up the ones that I've read. But I haven't read it in years. And also just I followed his career as it was happening. Not just reading books and stuff. But but I follow his career like at one point in the movie right alive. They say, yes. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. They were they were a seminal band for me when I was growing at one point in the movie, it's just it's simple stuff. Like, this infuriated me at one point in the movie. They say that they got their very first tour of the United States, and they're all excited about it. And then the next thing, you know, they're on tour in their playing fat bottomed girls, which is on their seventh album, not their first album. So it's like you can't how can you make a mistake like that? Maybe they just had to fit fat bottomed girls in somewhere. And that was the only place they could be the first tour come on. Okay. Nobody would've known everybody would know you. I know I wouldn't have. Anyway. So my apologies. Tears to your son-in-law told I'm sorry. He didn't care. Yeah. Whatever whatever you're on a bit is exactly it's not gonna stop. I mean, like my opinion is not going to stop people from seeing which of course, is the is the case of any of the movies that I review, but this one especially because it's got a powerhouse behind it. And it's made fifty fifty million dollars over the weekend. And it won't be number one next week at the box office because the Grinch comes out next week. But it'll still be way up there. And I'm sure I wouldn't be surprised if makes like thirty thirty five million over the next weekend. So now, my son wants to see he went, and my son in law said all I want to see the Grinch next now that you mentioned it now, you're probably give that a battery. Well, I haven't seen it yet. So I can't I can't say I haven't seen it yet. But anyway. Very Mary's family is angry at me. Okay. All right. Let's see here is let's say we got some texts coming in. And we're talking about picks in fact because of the release of bohemian rhapsody three oh nine area code says Lenny the black and white the smoke and Dustin Hoffman as a terrific movie. Bob Fosse directed that. One about Lenny Bruce about the late standup. Lenny bruce. Tony immortal beloved with Gary Oldman is Beethoven. Yeah. You know, what I what I would actually you ever see that movie. Nobody's seen it really. Because it didn't make a lot of money. Gary oldman's, really good in it. But I just kept calling it. I just kept going raging Beethoven because it was it was like he was like like Beethoven was like Jake lamotta in that movie. But he was he was just. I referred to it is raging Beethoven when it was when I reviewed it on the air. Seven seven three area code, Malcolm. X with Denzel Washington, a great bio-pic, a fantastic movie, a fantastic movie with a great performance by Denzel. Three or one area code says what about patent in the man with a thousand faces. And in the eight one five area code says twelfth, man. We just recently had I man which is out in theaters and nobody's going. Nobody's going to see that. And that's one of the best movies of the year and a fantastic bio-pic with great performances. And that's a movie that needs to be seen if possible in. I max. But again, it it just it's actually one of my one of my one of my saddest stories of the movie year was the failure of this movie because it's just so good about Neil Armstrong. It's about the first for about the moon landing in about his relationship and his family. Really strong terrific performance by. Ryan Gosling, and the lovely Claire Foy, and she's got a a big movie coming out Friday to she said it is a big year this year for her. You know, and she's got the the dragon movie the dragon tattoo, the new dragon tattoo movie, which looks great. The guy who directed. It is just like he's first real big budget movie because he directed evil, dead remake and don't breathe. So, unfortunately, I don't think Jane Levi's in the movie, I'm very upset about that. I don't think she's in the girl with the dragon tattoo movie. So. Now, I have not watched this when they they mentioned this my dinner with the HBO movie with Peter as. Here villages. I've I've seen. I should I should watch that it's it's it's on my show the on demand. I know it's on on demand. Because I've heard it already. And I I hear it's really good. So. What else do we have here? We have catch me. If you can. That's a really terrific movie DiCaprio Hanks, that's a really entertaining movie. Other DiCaprio looks nothing like the the actual the actual, dude. Which you know? What's the I'm sorry? Every time. What's the dude's name from Napster the guy, Sean, Sean Parker? Sean Parker does not look like, Justin Timberlake. I would've sent me. If I were Sean Parker. I would have sent a lovely gift. And a thank you note to David fincher for casting, Justin Timberlake as me. You know what I mean? Like, that's amazing. Hold on a second. That guy's Justin Timberlake is playing me. Wow. That's a compliment. All right. Let's take a break. And then we'll wrap up the conversation about bio-pics right after my dad calls in and tells a joke, which will happen after this. Congratulations to the captain Jonathan taste for joining the three hundred. Thursday night brings the Blackhawks back home to welcome. The Carolina Hurricanes. Who's burden? There's the pre-game is seven John and Troy drop at seven thirty seven twenty WGN. I totally forgot.

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