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Right there but i was close. Gimme credit. i was a little bit close. I said fourteen in. It's actually eleven so seeing her come out there and basking in the glory of whooping rear. Ripley's assing everything. You're looking at this moment. And dallas texas by the way hats off to dallas. Texas is just texas area in general a great host for. Wwe making its return to live fans definitely green energy all three nights if felt like a big spectacle loving event. I think we can all definitely be in agreement of that. My how great it is to have the fans back in attendance. It really really is because on those nights where it's a little bit dragon. Let's be honest because now it's night and day. I think we all can be in agreement of that. He really is ninety day. Because when you look at how things were with the thunderdome. Yeah you've got the fans on the screens. That's joining in virtual lay. But sadly you don't get to hear them and they're being somewhat choreographed or being somewhat produced by producers in their ear telling them what to do and everything all the stuff that you were hearing from that thunderdome as you all know it's all piped in it's all computerized is pretty much at the touch of a button and that's pretty much how things were coming about so to basically. Let's be honest. Some nights those thunder domes even with the virtual fans there some nights. It was pretty dragons some nights you just kind of slumping you chair on your soulful. You're trying to get into it but you really can't and it's nights like what we've got these past three nights from We'll really. I would say three nights because really the ball rolling back now did not fans being back in attendance so really the ball got rolling there with that smackdown and then we go into money a bank and now we culminate with well. We got tonight and everything so great having the fans back in attendance but for charlotte flair to come out there..

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