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Man i like the chris plante show so it's all good man i was just thinking yeah you know bill clinton could have done the same thing that trump may have done to malania but i was also thinking i told you call screener about the double standard everybody on the conservative side with saying that president obama wasn't born in america so you know what i'm saying it it's all what's in your mind people will think whatever they want to and the media is part of the problem because they're all throwing this out you know what i'm saying what do you have any proof that trump did not assault alania curious you know does anybody have any proof of anything else you know what i'm saying like did the russians really do this and i mean there's no proof so people aren't gonna think what they wanna think put forth by writers and people who used to have stature like david fromm and against the head writer rolling stone in his own world has stature and that's a publication that should be responsible for answering to their senior writers or for what they right i do all right man appreciate your input i do appreciate it.

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