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The tampa area in the hours to come let's get the latest on the track and everything else we need from ten ten wins accuweather meteorologist john feerick john here right now the center of the storm uh pretty much red over naples florida and the i wall moving through a benita springs though we've seen wind gusts within the last couple of hours or passing 100 thirty miles per hour across parts of southwest florida including marco island ended naples and there's been a significant storm as well as you'll be widespread devastation in southwest florida worse even seeing hurricane force wind gusts over the east coast and this is all going to translate northward into the tampa in orlando areas tonight the storm will continue to weekend but still very heavy rainfall the potential for tornadoes still a storm surge along the coast and then it will weaken as it moves at the southern georgia tomorrow but still there could be some damage with hurricaneforce wind gusts even in the day tomorrow data accu weather is john feerick wins news time 503 to the north of where erma is now lots of concern of the tampa bay area corresponded alex stone joining us live from there and alekseeva long time tampere residents have never experienced anything like this yeah very true david and if there's any good news for about a remote earlier and tampa overland now and weakening it appears erba is heading a bit more towards the east which could or amama dr sider who put tampa rather other dry side of this storm that said it's still gonna be a very long windy night for people rian this area and there are still major concerns about storm surge here the water in tampa bay receded earlier today it will come back at some point likely going beyond what it did typically has bay and there may be at the naples airport a short time ago there was a reading of one hundred thirty five miles per hour gusts over two million homes are without power in florida and there's a belief that number will keep growing it could take weeks to get all the power back on why did tampa alex stone abc news for ten ten wins.

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