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He's got the bit of evidence that everybody's been looking for that finally going to get rid of Trump. And so the story is even though Pelosi doesn't want to impeach. She may have no choice wants a Mullah report hit. And I'm just warning you that there are more Republicans than you know, that are going to eagerly eagerly, join democrat efforts, there's all kinds of Republicans on every one of these committees. And the Republicans used to chairman do chair them now. I mean Adler says we're gonna look at taxes weren't look at tax returns. We're going to look at Trump's wealth. And what relationship it has to Russia and Putin we're gonna look at every we're going to subpoena, and we're gonna demand, and we're gonna demand people show up here. And that's just Nadler, then you're gonna have Adam Schiff, and his committee will do whatever they gonna do. There's about twenty of them, folks. That are going to be devoted to doing. Nothing. But getting rid of Donald Trump. Not by wave impeachment, by the way. They're going to try to do it by forcing every Republican in the congress house and Senate that they can to abandon Trump. They are going to try to stab circumstances. Where some Senator some member of congress is going to one day have to make a fateful trip to the White House. Tell President Trump that he's lost all support. And that he's got two choices. You can either resign. Or undergo the impeachment process? That's what they did with Nixon. They made sure Nixon have no support for an eventual impeachment or for anything else. And they said Howard Baker Senator Howard Baker up there to tell Nixon a buddy you've lost us. You don't have anybody. It's now or never you gotta go. But they're they're not gonna I mean, they're going to do their best to find impeachable offenses. But I don't whether they actually follow through on that or not don't know. But I do know they're going to try which is an expanded effort of what they have been trying up to now the whole focus of all of this has been two separate you Trump supporters from Trump. And you've held solid. Oh, a couple interesting stories here to related to the elections in Georgia and Florida in Florida an analysis of exit poll data shows that Ron Disentis the Republican and winner got a far greater percentage of the African American vote and Hispanic vote than anybody can believe I don't have the numbers in front of me. But it's big in Georgia. Camp got more African American votes in anybody imagine and somebody and the African American organization Georgia architect and livid about this air calling these black people voted for Kemp traders, and who knows uncle TOMS. Why did it happen? Why did it happen? Because folks, you know, the conventional wisdom is that as America's demography changes. So goes, the white majority and the Republican party as more Americans become people of color. As more Americans constituted by illegal immigrants is more Americans become Hispanic and African American why that's it. That's it. Republicans are finished and white Christian. Males are finished. That's it. So if that's true, why did the Santa's win with a larger percentage of African Americans than anybody can believe? There's a very simple policy related answer. I'll share it with you. The most powerful name and talk radio rush. Networks six hundred Tony.

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