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Just like gouge your vote firing squad if it's wrong are you kidding i mean i was a legislator with you for four years i was an aid for six ten years you don't think that i thought of one thing was good and and i regret it later give me a brand so i appreciate your candour jane called in earlier from hillside from anchorage and she said out of the blue she said hey i heard your heaven kevin meyer on and god bless him what a great guy he was able to admit in and make a change and that's how the legislature should work so you've got it certainly have one fan in her summoned do you know that sees that nc's ends says hey the the guys in jesus and i don't think knows you should just remember that you said either on my show on and other but so what's the next step with this with this because we we're almost at a time here thanks for calling and i reached out to kevin quickly here but so with a four special session what's the process when does it end well let's see if both in november 23rd the 30day period it could get extended or the governor again could call us i guess for one hour in pretty close our regular session starting in in in january saive it hoped that he wouldn't do that well the at the houses taking up amendment currently to the senate bill fifty four in the last effort there was ninety seven tom and uh and i think they were just getting through like the first 10 as though yesterday so that are back on the floor today at nine so what they get all done then you know the senate will look at though with with their path and over to it either concur knock occured if we don't occur then like a civil code conference committee man it never ends hey state senator kevin mayer always a pleasure by the way he didn't call in on this but i'm gonna tell you he's running for lieutenant governor i think he has a good shot of winning we just got to get the right governor and place to thank you heaven is always enjoy your monday brother great thanked okay thanks state senator kevin meyer fight in the fight for alaskans tom anderson show good morning.

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