New England, Vermont, Henry Wells discussed on Dean Richards Sunday Morning


We go out east to new england today to set furred vermont thetford maybe they say h two f r d i got a wicked vermont proposition two thousand six hundred and seventeen it goes back to seventeen sixty one a royal charter which king george the third of england issued in order for this town to be formed it is on the eastern section of vermont and we bring it up today because it is the birthplace of a man named henry wells does this name mean anything to you henry well henry wells it means absolutely nothing to me well let me continue henry wells and business partner by the name of william fargo on this day in eighteen fifty two founded the pony wells fargo and company right they've the other partner business partners went in but it was on this date hundred and sixty six years ago that henry wells and william fargo formed the wells fargo company fargo company that jan that's what a spawned the song the wells fargo wagon in the music man you know that song don't you do i do you don't think so why do we know it i've seen music man one hundred times yeah oh ho the wells fargo wagon is a common down the street oh please that it'd be for me yeah yeah second it's a little chilly in thetford this morning we have a sunny skies and eight degrees fahrenheit only eight it had an overnight low of two they're wicked cold it's wicked cold i guess after all those nor'easter storms they had that nor'easter terrible the broaden all that cold air now but it is sunny and eight in thetford anybody complaining about our weather think about that what they've had on the eastern.

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