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So i'd say that max gotta make about sixteen mill per year at about between probably thirty million or maybe a little bit more right the depends on how the raiders wanna use jj watt as far as a little comparison compared to khalil mack okay but nonetheless definitely cleal mac does need to get paid right there's no if ands or but about it right and like i said he's most likely going to be an extremely shocked if the raiders society yeah we're just going to wait until your contract's up which won't happen okay but on the less cleal mac for me like i said only we talk about them enough as far as being a top player at his position all right let's see let's look at von miller is contract von miller making seventy million total guaranteed six year deal von miller is making more guaranteed money than half these quarterbacks let me let me let me late that real quick all right von miller getting that is ridiculous i knew von miller was making a lot of money but that's literally quarterback money right there i think we've only seen dominated sue get paid like that it's like a guaranteed bodmin was making more than jimmy garoppolo matt stafford derek carr andrew luck air rogers cam new and andy dalton alex smith russell wilson big ben ally manning philip rivers ryan tannehill joe flacco yuck bortles yeah von miller among quarterbacks and say we put on miller's contract as far as guaranteed money with the quarterbacks he'd be making less than matt ryan.

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