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At the photos for what appears to be the very first time. See? Belvoir you took. That's the mayor of Obama looking at the photographs and describing them as magnificence, even I grew up in this culture is today this, and of course, I learned about the tells from northern Congo that it was a of trust and a lot of responsibility for me when to fan Boca Bonga, one of the storyteller there yellow me to make an adaptation of this story of his grandfather. When we went back to show, the exhibiton, boom. Oh, I prince the depression. I give I give it to him. And I remember he read sanity what I what I wrote an after he said to me. Symbol? Yeah. It was like and a lot of trust a lot of responsibility. It's right. Just want to add something to that about collaboration because there's two worlds that are coming together. And a question there is if they can be, and I think I think the way we work. The dick good wasn't one party really very much telling the other party how to do that. But it was really how are we gonna do this together? The project and photo book is Congo tales. Steve Reggie Scovell. On Sunday is a Congolese artists, and philosopher and Eva Vonk is a Dutch film producer and the books editor just two of the many people behind the photo book and education project condo tales. Okay. The smell. Smuggled quick Covault. Eva. Thank you very much greater media. Thank you. Okay. We got it. That's it. To read one of Congo fables. It's called the mole and son come to us on the web. That's also where you can see some of Peter hankins photos at.

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