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Yeah well him and that's just it rightly he can only do so much before as you say hold on a minute when he tony and and i i for some reason don't ask me why i think we're gonna have if if things don't go as planned which i don't think they will of cluelessly serve our arqam's shuddering in the midseason oh yeah will hold the pilot i could very much see that well because i don't this this team is such a wonky team like like maybe the banco committed try and take the charter away yeah exactly speaking of let's stuff let's talk about poor too small team drama and this is the fun part because the continuing saga of bk racing has gone to the next level last week in our last episode the bank union bank and trust or wherever they are they filed for an injunction to have the courts basically freeze bk racing's assets they couldn't sell their charter they couldn't sell their you know any of their equipment anything until everything was figured out between them and the bank right so they in a plied for that and at the same time the sib north carolina came in and actually see some stuff that the government did for unpaid taxes while a fast soared this week that injunction was granted so now bk racing cannot if they wanted to bail and trying you know sneak out a dodge in the middle of the night amla the new baltimore colts they couldn't do that not legally at least they can do that and so that's where they are right now and there's going to be hearing and the bank very very likely could take over the entire team the would the one interesting part about it though is that they've basically asked for the assets to be liquidated and four ownership of the chart of the one charted the bk racing currently does have right now but they backed off on the charter that was sold to front row motorsports they aren't necessarily trying to get that one at this point which i don't know if they will win that one or not but one way or the other bk racing is saying nothing it's not round vine is not like oh man.

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