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Like. If if somebody were to peek into your life and see like the crazy stupid fun things that you days here you and daisy and the boys are you and your mom liked to do what would be a window into that that somebody might be shocked at. It's not crazy stupid stuff. It's stuff like okay like a month ago. I was getting ready to go on the road and we hadn't had we try to have a family dinner of some kind at least every week but that wasn't happening for a while so we finally got all the boys together to come over with my mom who's eighty four but like goal And we had a really nice dinner and then Daisy surprised us with this game what we went into the living room. And she said everybody's GonNa write down one word to describe that person and then a one word to describe that person and we're GONNA so it became this game it became it was hilarious but it was It's those kinds of things. It's more thoughtful What's the right word? It's real like we really really talk about real stuff. We don't talk about game of thrones. You know we talk about life and helping each other. And that's really taken a huge leap forward since daisy and I got married and in terms of the whole family authentic. I like to use that word earlier. Authentic can you imagine if everybody would take off the mask? Can Stop hiding and stop pretending. Awesome being whatever. They're not whatever they think they're supposed to be and instead we're just authentic well. It's harder now especially I think because you know things like instagram have made it that much more difficult to be just sort of who you are because the the competition that people put on themselves to be. I'm not I'm not having as good a life as they are instagram. Yeah but if you saw their real life you'd be like Oh. Wow what their life is because our listeners can't see this but on the your phone case has a gorgeous picture of your wife. Daisy Fuentes She's so it looks like it should be on a billboard so beautiful and the first thing I thought when I saw that is that would be really funny. One of those pinterest fails you know if I try to say stacy's went wearing this. This fish net outfit in. Here's the but that was my thought because like you said competition. My instant thought was that kind of I. Wake up looking that gorgeous. Not that not that. I don't love myself and loved that what God made because I do and I'm much more comfortable in my skin today than I ever have been in my life And I praise God. Thank God for the life that I have and and the body that I have and I got a new hip so I can walk and by of horses and and isn't it amazing to be able to do stuff without being sure you know. I got both my hips replaced it when I was Fifty one four five years ago and it was like life changing. I had to use the cart at the grocery store. Oh Wow I could not walk so I am. I am happy as can be you with the the bodies automatically but back to your point that it is very hard to be authentic in a world where everything is captured videotaped everything is instagram. Everything is face tuned. Everything is an image a brand the Richard Marx brand. Instead of your music. We're going to take a quick break here to talk about one of our sponsors an IT career at Gd it means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join. Gd It for challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now at GD dot com slash careers ged ethnical opportunity and community and faith are both essential. It lifts us up and it brings us all together even when circumstances may have us. Apart a new and exciting Christian social media platform has just launched called faith social. It's free safe and speaks to my Christian faith of love and acceptance. It's what we've been waiting for. Please join me in sign up today at faith social dot com or find us on the APP store. So let's talk about your music as I was mentioning before I have been on the air. Time since nineteen seventy four as unbelievable and I've been doing this show since nineteen eighty-four. Well I think I've played every song you've you've ever. GonNa part of definitely play at every song recorded because I didn't start recording until eighty seven but the first song I wrote that someone else recorded. I was nineteen or twenty Kenny. Rogers Kim Kearns and James Ingram and Asanka. What about me? What about me? This is nine hundred four. They wouldn't there. Were a bunch of stations in the south. That wouldn't play it because it was a love triangle between Kenny Rogers and James Ingram and Kim Kearns and there were a bunch of southern stations. That we're not gonNA play song between a white man in a black man over a white woman and that's still have screwed up. It was. Yeah Yeah you you must have played every single every yeah and I played them on vinyl off when I was playing right she did. Yeah with a penny on the needle. So you didn't start recording until eighty. Yeah but how many hits did you right before them few because you worked with 'n sync? Oh that was way after. Yeah yeah that was in the nineties so I wrote what about me with Kenny Rogers and David Foster and then I wrote a song with Kenny. Called crazy crazy. Eighty four you in touch with Rogers by the high love. Kenny Rogers and that song went to number one country top-five. Ac In that would have been eighty well and then just some random song. I wrote a song on a Chicago album. I wrote a Song Philip Bailey for the movie. The goonies and and I was making a living as a songwriter but mostly as a background singer so I sang on a ton of record. You play before I had a record deal. I sang on all night. Long by Lionel. Richie I sang on all the Lionel Richie hits I kissed Lionel Ritchie. Want did you did. He's the coolest he so-called that is so cool and low him. Yeah we had a moment. Yeah well it was. It was an autograph line for me. It was a moment. Yeah Yeah I you know. I've told the story many times but when I was eighteen years old I had written four or five songs. I was living in Chicago with my parents. I was in my senior year of high school and I had written my first four or five songs that I thought were worthy of at least demoing and I found a studio and I paid for of course by myself with my savings and I made this demo tape cassette which went from a friend of mine in college who was a year ahead of me and it was in college to his roommate to another guy to another guy who was working with the commodores at the time. This is right as land was just about to go solo and the phone rings. And it's Lionel Richie and you were eighteen house eighteen. Maybe seventeen actually because I I was still seventeen graduates seventeen and in my senior year of high school and he said I heard this tape of yours and my phone number was written in Pencil on the back a called the number and he just called to tell me that he thought I was really talented in the Nice should give it a shot and and he said look. I have no work for you. I can't promise I'm not here to promise you anything. I just WanNa tell you you know I hear tapes all the time in these your I. This is your first batch of songs. Mehsud here my first long. They sucked and just you know you should move to La. I don't know what your plans are. You Parents GonNa probably hate me but you know because I was thinking about going in northwestern going end my belt and my parents were like go go to L. A. And try you can always go back to school. You know. And so he said but look me up if you come out to. La GIMMES NUMBER. And so you're you're.

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