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So yes oh but yeah so far so really good you've seen definitely some interesting moves by management in around baseball i mean these starting pitchers are barely going five barely seen them go past eighty pitches i've seen that he sort in the first game with boston chris sale got pulled early they ended up blowing the lead you saw the yankees yesterday with tabatha end with tanaka early so it dan severino yeah they all kind of came out early pitch counts below one hundred well below one hundred for some you're seeing it around baseball asked the phillies phillies had aaron nola they blew they blew a five run lead in that game i understand what the yankees where they have a great bullpen but when you're phillies gonna tell bullpen every race on the staff it's kind of tough by understand early on the year not gonna kill anybody yet and that's that's the way i take all this is you know it's we're three games to three games into the season and teams aren't going to burn out there pitches first week you're used to seeing it but to this extent i haven't seen it not in any years that i remember but we'll see we'll see if it i i mean if we're still talking about this two three weeks from now this could be something that to keep an eye on it looks like a lot of teams are going ro starter than second starter and then the back in your bullpen which is kind of interesting well i think you you know you're starting to see is the is the change that we've seen in in some teams with building bigger pens right i i don't remember who what commentators said it i think it was last night you know you had you used to have used to have set seven eight guys seventy starters on the bench and three guys in the pen now it's the direct op.

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