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Thirty six king county's annual one night count of homelessness found more than half of homeless people were sleeping outside versus in shelter with a stark increase in the number of vehicle campers the county has announced and overall four percent increase in the newell snapshot count of homeless people to twelve thousand one hundred and twelve the seattle times reports the count conducted in january found a worsening problem of people living in tent camps cars rv's and on the street compared to last year more than seventy percent of the county's unsheltered homeless people were in seattle there is a positive news in the new homelessness figure including significant drops in the numbers of homeless veterans and families frank lenzi komo news those lucky enough to own a home in king county brace yourself the property value evaluation notices her now in the mail for more than seven hundred thousand property owners county says in many places property values are rising between ten and fifteen percent assessments based on sales of comparable properties the county assessors office says increasing property value does not automatically mean property taxes will rise at the same rate because taxes are also based on decisions by local lawmakers and voters i'll pick out the house you want to end your realtor will buy it for you that's the strategy employed by seattle real estate startup called fly homes the company says it will pay cash to the seller on your behalf then resell the house to you for what they paid plus a typical realtor commission the idea is to allow the typical buyer to compete with deeppocketed real estate speculators the seattle times reports fly homes has just landed seventeen million dollars in new venture capital one southwest washington couple's home would not stop ringing the phone would not stop ringing after a bad experience on craigslist komo's brian calvert has their story the couple who doesn't want.

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