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Instead. Jones took an assignment as a lieutenant aboard the larger ship the alfred which was commodore hopkins's flagship. The alfred was a relatively new ship. Built as a merchant ship in seventeen seventy four. Its owner robert morris who served on the marine committee so ship to the navy. In seventeen seventy five captain doubly salt and staw. The alfred salt install had been an experienced merchant captain and he was also the brother in law of silence teen as lieutenant. Jones sailed the alfred to the bahamas for the raid that i discussed back in episode eighty four. I mentioned in that episode that on the return trip the fleet encountered a british worship. The glasgow but was unable to capture it. Commodore hopkins took great criticism for that failure and one of his critics was john. Paul jones although he tried to be respectful to his commander jones made clear that the leadership during the mission was definitely lacking. He wrote to a member of the marine committee in congress about both commodore hopkins and captain salt and stall following that raid. Congress commissioned several more ships after the captain of the providence moved to a larger ship. Congress once again offered command of the providence to jones. This time he accepted with his own command. Captain jones spent the summer. Seventeen seventy six around long island. New york transporting soldiers and escorting merchant ships as everyone waited the british fleet which prepared to invade new york. That fall later. Jones sale down to the west indies capturing several british merchant ships and dodging them much larger british worships in the fall he sailed northward around nova scotia to avoid the hurricane season to the south and there he captured several prizes. Unlike your average privateer though jones was interested in more than just prizes he rated the fishing village of canseco destroying fishery and taking on additional sailors. He also captured sixteen fishing ships. Six of which he was able to sail back to new england jones received word that more than one hundred american prisoners were being used as slave labor in the coal pits on cape breton. He tried to organize a fleet to rescue them in pursuit of this he was given charge of the alfred and hamden along with his own ship. The providence however he couldn't find enough crew to sail all three ships. Initially he put crew aboard the larger and sailed off along with the hampton leaving the providence behind.

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