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Yeah they are intrinsically fascinating just being themselves and of course you you've shared those stories so beautifully early in your Book Thomas. Tom Sorry before we before we wrap up this chat. You know I I close every episode of my show by by asking my guests the same two questions and they're sort of big picture questions so you could obviously take a moment to think about your answers answers but I I would really love for you to weigh in especially considering the unique perspective that you that you bring to the conversation so okay. If you're ready here they come number one when you think about the future in whatever context is kind of relevant to you. It could be contextualised by the work that you do. You buy you know where you are along the developmental process of life. It could be a personal thing. Vocational thing even a cosmic thank Number one what is the thing that really does keep you up the most at night the thing that you're most worried about. Maybe you're getting to be borderline. I I don't know pessimistic. Cynical some something that you're like this is not okay and on the flip side of that. What is the thing that if you had to pick one That you're like genuinely authentically. Baxley optimistic about you're you're very much looking forward to will the first one's easier because because it's it's it's just the pervasive damage to our planet Loss of water rising icing temperatures pollution with pesticides and everything else Yeah so that. That's that's the one that keeps me up at night. I mean I just. I'm almost seventy years old and I can just see it. It's so obvious when I was a kid. The fields were filled with insects. And now they're not. If you go out. In the summer evening thing would be symphony symphony of insects. And now you just don't you don't see that you don't hear that tone. See what gives me. Hope or optimism. what it gives me. Hope and optimism is knowledge. Were learning more and more about what where we're going wrong. And that's of course the first step knowing what we're doing knowing what we're undoing the first step towards I think to getting it can unit back to figuring out how to stop doing that and and be more benign tour to her planet and thus ultimately to ourselves and to our to our children. Absolutely what a beautiful full and elegant response to those questions. Well Tom Thank you so very much for coming on the show. Today I have learned so much I I know I still. I have a million questions but I feel like my basic questions have been answered. Everybody the book is the lives of bees the untold story of the Honeybee in the wild by Dr Thomas. DT sealy thank you so much for joining me. It was. It was just an absolute blast. Thank you car for for having me your. It's been ruined my pleasure. Great Greek through showing them glad I could contribute to. Oh I'm so glad and everybody listening. Thank you for coming back week after week. I'm really looking forward to the next time we can all get together to talk nerdy..

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