Hillary Shirbow, The Deal, Ryan discussed on Morning Meeting


Good morning welcome i am hillary shirbow this is morning meeting on boston herald radio while you come away from that wondering what the deal was between april ryan and amahoro simon again and again and of course she doesn't even say her name but certainly amouroux side presents herself very well and is very good at this um i mean i don't i i guess a i shouldn't i don't know why i don't recall were um what her position ones with the clinton administration but yeah but a great she's mary clear that the seemingly it is just one person who's pushing this and as it is sort of interesting right because amine the first thing that i that jacqueline i sorta said when the story came out was who the bleep cares right where why is this even a thing like ryan spree this sean spicer these are extremely prominent positions these are like the key backbone positions of a white house operation and sort of how they run those are big deals mainly because they're so high profile they're such a large positions that are getting a shakeup on the roses position on was somewhat nebulous obviously issue was close to trump and so that was you know something but um really it it didn't seem like that big of a deal the most people i except for april riot right and the only other people who covered this really extensively to my perspective was cnn you know it was in april ryan cnn pushed news door and if other people may be picked it up the eu now way the wasn't it certainly wasn't as prominent as it was at cnn and as she said nobody else no other reporters on the armour osa is fired or has resigned scandal that that april ryan seemed to be extremely excited about him very hot about so it said i mean that's sort of the odd thing there is that clearly there's there's something going on an considering how when something is really huge news um white house reporters in the press corps in general tend to operate as a pack oftentimes memorial services had a personal vendetta i mean jiashi is.

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