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If you play the teams as you playing now in the nation's leak in Concacaf you're not because you need to play Argentina Brazil Germany Holland and England. That's your competition and when you have an opening opening for a a national team window and you can maybe make one or two friendly games. You need to play Gin Tino. Germany and not conduct live team so within that system that was created here. It's almost impossible for the United States or Mexico get better and that's why it makes me go just lost against Argentina four nil or you know or they lost three years ago against Sheila we've sold or we ended up in Copa America Canario to get our lesson from Argentina as well. You need to always play up whenever you can so players need to play in the best leagues in the world which on Europe as many as possible now bruce arena had his new book amounted you the chance to read it no well in his book. There's a there's a little quote where he says that six months before you were let go he was already talking with some younger. Lodhi and Dan Flynn of soccer about replacing you. Did you know that I knew that yeah so I I mean it doesn't really matter you know who the end of the day leads the program. I think the most important thing is you've whatever job you're given. You got to get the job. Done unfortunately originally didn't happen now. They didn't qualify for the World Cup in Russia which is Ramey Sad. All obviously I think the bigger picture in this whole thing is how can you improve the region on its by itself meaningful Mexico Costa Rico for the United States. How could they possibly in a final four in the world come because yeah that should be the goal and especially for Mexico. which is completely soccer crazy driven but many had sustained of in that region? You're not gonNA reach those goals and I think that is now some questions that they have asked themselves you know. Are they going for the sake of making money or are they going for the sake of making the team the best team possible in order to finish up finish off in World Cup in in in the best for one day. You're telling me right now one of the main problems with the US soccer system is that they prioritize finances over sporting results while I would say so yeah I mean because if you are trying trying to figure out a way to play I would say the United States makes Costa Rica. There should play every Copa America possible all to learn from the South American teams every window that should be given for friendly games should be a window that playing European teams organ the top teams in South America but that might be not the financial kind of benefit to it you know when you travel to Italy or to Holland or Germany or England then playing a home game in in the United States if the I don't know of whatever revenues are coming in so at the end of the day. It's very very difficult to make your players better when they don't have the the highest competition competition possible you can clean some once again pulling no punches shack in particular critical of the CONCACAF nations link sayings complete waste of time. It's ridiculous. His sentiments are are simply ridiculous the Truth Matters Concha has four to one munitions and their responsibility to forty one not just the top three of the US S. Mexico and Costa Rica and that's always been the issue no intend to the nation's league the challenge for the other thirty teams within CONCACAF has always been about getting meaningful games because the US goes off to Europe and Mexico South America. Nobody would facilitate games to the smaller member. Nations nations is doing is not just making sure that every team has has games and support Medusa chill but they have meaningful competition so now everybody everybody else benefits from a US perspective just from that side it's GonNa Point isn't he has appointed him to the nations league but let's not pretend that the US hasn't benefited did by being the big fish in this pond the US hosting the Gould Cup every two years couple years ago. They were bragging one hundred million in soup sup- last cash burning a hole in their pockets. That's on the backs of their other. Call cough missions. You are able to use that money. Use Capital to develop your game yet you you feel you have no responsibility to the other nations in Cohen calf. Who've played a part in you acquire. This cash is simply ridiculous added to that you you have two thousand to two thousand six. World Cup where the biggest three nations by population are co-hosting Mexico. US and Canada your dose we are going to benefit the most but none none none of it is making the US play play in the corporate America's as he suggests what I'm seeing is. If you have the kind of cash. They have batons seekonk nations. If you have the experience of hosting another woke up in two hundred twenty six thanks to support from those concave nations. Don't you think you you have at least a partial responsibility to food the support the other combinations you just void and responsibility to those it's ridiculous. Giller sentiment I can't talk about CONCACAF regions and not because I don't understand or you know battling me doing as one hundred percent correct and saying saying that the United States and Mexico and Costa Rica mostly in protector Nitya game against better competition a more regular basis all they all never goni reach. It's those goals and I mean Gold Cup and all that I mean do me a favor. You know the goal kelp man honestly they got crazy about it here in the US on absolute garbage but you may go less money. That's the other point with all this money as money but what are we gaining from experience. We gaining you only get better when you play against gainst better teams is for the Bush arena changing subject was supposedly talking to us soccer when he was still in charge he must've failed his homework and California Telefonia when they're lost at Trinidad and Tobago seriously at least them they act and at least they were competitive in world cups in a Hammock uh-huh Bahama somebody of lawsuits. I mean seriously I've been saying for stop. Stop flat trump building some of these other teams in the big cheese's untouchable multi touch that the marine he always said Said Ali during the competition that Mexico or played and he said I wanNA goal down there and play against the best teams Buluan. US have had those opportunities. The governesses league is is really a year-old. US have been able to make their own calendars as they see fit and play against whatever opposition you won't say Nice. Chris is awesome. I'm just saying you know all of a sudden bloom the initials league because you do get a semi final but here's the thing shack and Ankara about the US and Mexican particularly if we leave Costa Rica to the cipher a second we pretend that this is a big rivalry and it is on the field and it's a sporting rivalry and yet off the field. It's a very symbiotic relationship because they both benefits of each other success if they both do well they both grow their revenue urban you because. Oh guess what we're going to have another. US Mexico game and that seems seems to happen every three or four months well here. We go another and WHO's making money was us. US Soccer is Mexico is if people pushing their agendas forward now that doesn't improve them but as long as they have control or conquer calf and they're the talk to routine concha then they must be sitting on top of the mountain. So why are we going with this. People are going to complain about. Are we really development. We really growing the players becoming what they need to become the program what they need what he needs to be. We're going to get to the fifth game from the Mexican perspective that may be older conversation that we're having down below but up top the people making the decisions nations that people that are seeing the money income into the federation you can continue to ways. You're talking about those sorts of things over here. We're fine. We're making money and we're moving forward. Were and why would we would we with that and the answer is if you want to get better you you make it different. Is it worth it enough to put that money aside those those people making the decisions obviously things to that point and I agree with you and where you can cause when Israel is I think some of the decisions that are made paraty is making making money talk over results. You know if you need that you need that level of competition in a more regular basis. I don't know what people within calling. Gabor rooms are going to vote but I don't think especially with the with the nation's league. The majority of the member nations would be against the cavs. Go be once every four. Oh yes and have it opposing psychosis to coop America that we you can go ahead and host the Rule Cup as much as you like. Maybe half as much money because there's no once every four years as opposed to a once every two on you also get to accept any invitations that come Tim's in terms of the Copa America you you get to have your cake and eat it but whether they do not timely tell because again money seems to be a proud if this is about the development of the American player on the develop Avella major league soccer and the development of league I make new Mexican player and so on and so forth and the growth of the region and go play the load is down in South America. Hey you you wanna make it a dance. You WanNa make it a real growth about you're going to play coma. VOL- qualifiers like a real qualifying campaign now whatever they do here if indeed this is what you WanNa do then okay then. Come and dance with the big boys and see how you like it. The problem is that they don't want any of that because that puts at risk their success success us if even if it is local success is their own success and it makes them money you could play Argentina Brazil franzen every week but showing you the players just aren't there for the US. No what's the other side of the moment that Seiko which is an all talk about is any coincidence as well that when the Bradleys and the outdoors came to the US or Canada as La's not exactly helped Martha's either doesn't because it's all real goals Toronto or playing well at Toronto flat trump billion defenders and then taken out on the national team and not play in particular well. It's not all their fault but the Clinton said at a time he says I need more guys planet talk level in Europe and of course who say well major league soccer major league soccer talkers insecurity because of the national manager talking about well he's he's has joined us to try and get the best or worst to get the best of the Ashtrays Knoxville team and by not over the longer term not just in his tenure was guy to remain abroad and play whether it be in Mexico whether that'd be inserted America or whether it be some of the bigger leagues in Europe but no most of the old ones that combat here because it was great for Mla and this is going to be good for the national team long term. I think if you look over the peace when when the stronger teams edit a good core of emily's players the really good guys in the spine of a team plan in the top leagues in Europe. Hello everybody you're looking live at fans bill a college football utopia where the rivers flow with with ice cold. 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