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And four other people wounded officers responding to reports of gunfire early Saturday morning and found two women and three men who had been shot. They were taken to a hospital where one woman died. Conditions of the other victims was not immediately known. No arrests have been made. Authorities investigating the motive and circumstances of that shooting a federal judge issuing a summary judgment in favor of Washington state against to gold mining companies over years of water pollution stemming from the Buckhorn Mountain Goldmine. That's an Okanagan County, U. S. District Court Judge Rosanna Peterson dismissed the company's main defenses, writing there was no support for their claims. That the state Attorney general's office cannot enforce all of the mind. Clean Water Act permit Lawsuit filed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson contended that Crown Resources and Kinross gold Violated the state Clean Water Act by discharging illegal levels of pollutants into some creeks that feed the kettle river there in Okanogan County companies could face millions of dollars. In penalties. Washington State patrol arresting a person for suspected D U in a serious crash and would be island overnight. On Friday. The vehicle drifted off the road early Saturday morning there Freeland and hit an unoccupied excavator parked on the shoulder. The passenger was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries, and the driver was arrested for suspected dy and vehicular Assault. We're seeing major milestones and efforts to get everybody vaccinated right now. A statewide updates. If you're curious, almost Nick Pop, um has it for us and with new variants of the virus still out there, health experts like Duchin want everyone to get vaccinated so that they can be protected against the more dangerous strands of covid. And although Covid 19 infection rates are much lower than recent peaks, Covid 19 is not calm. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 70% fully vaccinated within all racial and ethnic groups and in all zip codes, which can really only be accomplished if everyone decides to roll up their sleeves and get that shot. But the good news is when it comes to partial vaccinations, many of those areas within south and southeastern King County Have increased percentages and in places like Burian see Tak renting in to Aquila there even over that 70% threshold. Nick Pop. Um come on in Co Mo News Sunday with Mark Christopher people across the country honoring June machines as part of a national holiday comes Suzanne Fonda went to Tukwila on Saturday and several events she found being held there. Let us smart song at the Juneteenth Jamboree at Jenkins Park. The powerful lessons for family came in the former Song and pros and at the Juneteenth festival at a fellow park volunteers work to improve equity and equality, Healthcare, Among other things, eliminating health disparities is so important. And because the rate of the uninsured is so high in the black community. We want to make sure that we're out here in the community, especially in the black community,.

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