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Is. Did you pay cash for it exactly. That's probably not bringing McDonald's in for exactly and so but in other areas of my life I do have accountability partners and mentors hold me accountable. to life like this living right yeah no so it was like as a young man like. Hey Hey man hold me to it. And it's been great and it's been healthy. We all need mentors encounter abilities partners in certain areas of I think in every every Arab people always want a mentor. How did you find yours? You know the very first thing for me was Ashley. I was very involved with the church so I literally asked my past with I k. Can You be my mentor. I I eventually want to be preaching and teaching the Gospel and he said the goal. Is that like a part part of where you WANNA take life. Yeah yeah so it's like when when it comes to. I'm doing that now. Pretend Teaching Gospel But back then I was like hey I want to go down this path and he said Hey I'm GonNa give you one day in in that one day. I'm GonNa give you two hours that that will determine whether we proceed and so I was like all right cool so I get in there and this is our soup or you like I'm ready. I'm ready and so I I remember one thing. My Mom said one thing you have two ears on one mouth listen more than you speak. Um and she said going every three questions and I guarantee you would not need any more questions. How now I am? A MOM was right. I only needed to because when you really ask a mentor or someone you look up to a question they can take that one question and just talk for a long on time and I just remember taking down notes and at that time he said I will mentor you. Because you didn't talk much you didn't tell me a lot of things you listened was let as we noted you WanNa grow so when I met with that one person That one pastor. I started meeting other people in doing the exact same thing even to this day. I work with Dave but when I'm in the office with Dave I listen way more than I talk because he's wiser. He's wealthier and one day. I WANNA be a multimillionaire like him. So as he's talking looking I'm listening and so that's just one thing I'm doing as much as I possibly can. If I can't get run individuals like that I I I love it But I read a lot of books from mentors who we're not even who don't even know may follow them on instagram. We don't even know my name. I follow people who will help grow me and let them mentor me. Through their books through their podcasts through their g through their social media I don't follow a lot of people on my g because if you can't help me grow me I don't WanNa uh-huh yeah that's smart that because the other option is people you compete with. Yes are people that that walk you toward things. There's one account that I used to kind of stop because 'cause I thought it was funny and I was like this is actually not lead me anywhere. Good ever absolutely you just have to make yourself quit. I mean I just had to say to one of my friends. Hey asked me if I keep looking at this account as I need someone to know I do it and I need to stop because it's funny but it's not good for me and so followed. They help you grow or if they can help you you get closer to your goals Hustler. What happens when you ask someone to mentor you and they say now that's fine? Okay okay. That's right okay. They say no they you just said no today and so you know I always tell people step back and pray and figure out why they said no you know ask them did you say no. Because you're busy okay. Cool great what. If I don't take up much of your time Did you say no because you just do not want to mentor me. If they say yes a great but I believe anyone that's supposed to be in your life will be in your life if you pray seek God first and ask God to bring into your life the people who should be in your life. Who's going to help? Help you get closer to your kingdom assignment or just to your career goals in life. In general God will make sure that that thing happens. Do Not Force it Just just be precise fourth because that mentor is GonNa shut down. Hard is and what you don't want to do is have other mentors talking about you. So always say be respectful will be kind be loving and be persistent but do not be rude about yeah. I like looking for people at Church. Who who look like my parents friends friends and I go because my parents and so I'm like okay? You look about the same age as my parents and I've sat around you in church for six years surfer a year or for a couple of months or if you're new to town I've watched you for three weeks and Y'all sit in the same seat every week. Can I come over for dinner time. Yes I'm new to town. Could I take you to coffee. Well you know. I just think there's there's something about looking around. Don't I think the pastor is a good place to go when you're invested in Church but also sometimes the Patrick can only have time for one. Anthony any you know and then also two of you inside of church May look for small group leader. Yeah no someone who's WHO's leading a small group at home at a coffee shop there a good place to start Looking for mentors mentors. But if you really wanted to get aroused some influential people like in a business base. Start going to their conferences. Okay you know so like if Davidson town Anthony's down Hogan Rachel's in town start going to the conference and just start getting around the people who are at that conference and you'll find different people inside that a group that share you buy a ticket the first time the second time you volunteer. You're surrounded by people who are absolutely. I spoke at a young life conference France last week for staff. Oh Young Fokker fifty five hundred staff fifteen hundred more single. I got up on stage. You want someone who's on mission in love these job you're shooting fish in a barrel and partner up. Let's go fifteen hundreds of y'all if you're looking for business mentors or business peers in your city eight. Yep going to those conferences and look around and you've got people who care about the same thing you care about us it so when you're looking for mentorship they're they're sitting in the same conference as you're paying to sit in. Yes as being debt free affected your faith who. That's a good question I it's allowed me to really be more free and not be stress and concern. It's allowed me to really focus on my came and Simon rather than focusing on getting a paycheck. Yeah and I believe that God wants us to have financial peace. He wants us to have. Joey wants us to have freedom. And so for me when it comes to my faith now that I'm debt free now honestly just everything. I'm doing right now. I'm focusing focusing on the legacy for my name when I you know I want people to know Anthony as Anthony Neal was a man of God who loved people and who wanted them to have financial peace half financial freedom and to leave a inheritance to their children's children. If I was still in debt we'll be getting up every single day. Not focusing focusing on Akina but focusing on getting his paycheck to pay off the debt to get to the next paycheck to pay off some more debt and I don't want that lifestyle to live paycheck to paycheck. Being debt debt. Free has really allowed me to focus on the end goal which is to be pleasing and to get a job well done from. Jesus Christ. Yeah why is it that money has that much power money thing. I just blows my mind. You know we talk when we really sit back and study. Man Money's the number one thing that is talked about in the Bible it should. It has so much power But everyone goes after money. A lot of people go after wealth Which I get the wealth part? I'm still kind of confused. Wise money so important went to me. Joy is more than actual physical grain and yet we totally think having money will make us happy it just and it just doesn't It just I'm telling you right now. I've I remember one year. I made the most money I've ever made in my entire life live and when I look back at that year I wasn't more joyful. Yeah I wasn't happier now. Money does bring happiness because it brings some sense of freedom but it doesn't bring joy. Yeah and for me. That's what I desire is. Is Joe Away in freedom. But it doesn't make you honestly it makes you a little bit more bigger than what you already are. That's right exactly so you're arrogant. You're going to be a little bit more arrogant. If you're happy you may be may become. I'm a little more happier but I don't really focus on money. Our focus on joy are focused on my assignment and with that being said I believe if I seek ye first the all the other stuff will come and I'll be happy. I think it's interesting to look at the the path of that and look at money because what I'm seeing in your life based on my instant. It's Internet stalking of you is is the way you talk about money as an the healthy relationship you've grown with money. It just seems like when one the area is right the rest of them start to get right and it just feels like. You're living a very disciplined life. I'm full of joy. I'm trying to look like you're not having Finebaum the having fun but you're going to the gym I'm going to wake up every morning and that is my. It's the real thing who we if I if Jim from me is the coffee not really yes. If I don't go to gym I'm going. What time do you have to go to the gym? I'm Jim every morning at seventy But my day starts at four thirty because I live in Columbia. So that's our our Dr Jump back into the city and so oh so you come like you take your bag from home and you go back. Don't go back okay so talk us through your morning now. I'm fascinated ARMENTA. I listen. She needs to hear the schedule like she's buying into. It's an amazing journey. You know I get up. I do a little bit of music around the house a little bit of a beat Aid Gospel. Franklin you know I do a little morning. Devaux read the word. Read Tony Evans devaux in Study Bible then after that I flip the script. Okay we McKay go from this. This saved Gospel music to a little bit of A. You know RB HIP hop getting my mind ready. Yeah so I'm packing. My clothes. News responded to some emails before I leave And then I hit the gym I leave about maybe five thirty go to gym. Get there about six fifteen stretch and finishes the is hard. It's hard. Yeah and then after that I feel good I like I feel. I am ready to conquered the day And I just is get into office on McKay. Who can we help today? That's the very first question that I ask myself when I pulled onto our parking lot who can the AO. Oh team help today. Yeah Endesa Smart feel that or not. That's the question you ask. I mean I think that's important because we don't want to. You aren't presenting to people and we don't want him I think thank you and I live. pollyanna lives really. How can we be helpful after we go to the gym and have quiet time learning how I may feel terrible? Oh yes question is still yes. I feel terrible often. I'm upset often but but we cannot just be like. Hey I'm upset I don't feel like working. No we need to help someone. Yeah I've got no stage upset and whenever no save a because I'm still human. Yeah no I still have fillings and emotions. But I've been able to teach myself all right. Set those aside for right now. I mean there's only been two times in seven years of full time traveling and speaking that I've had to say to the people before I teach. You need to know this going on in my private life because I don't know how to teach around this. I can't pretend like one of a friend of mine had died while I was on the flight there really suddenly and so what can you do a. I can't go back home yet. I have to things like that but most of the time you're like. Hey Hey I can get up here and put aside. What's going on with me and do what? God's call me because who'd we get to help today air yes I love it and so how long have you say it. We're just keeping your whole day. Calendar I mean it could be all day Sometimes it can be all day sometimes. It can be a half a day when I really end meetings. I try to go home and go to my own personal Ersan office to do some reading to do some studying To do some writing. Yeah because a lot of my job is about creating content and delivering content. Yeah and so when I I really study best and right best when I'm at home in my own space but for the majority of the time I probably dolphins right around three or four o'clock in the afternoon but I'm there as early as seven thirty eight hundred And just back to back meetings or west next with our team and meeting with different things like right..

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