President Trump, Rosenstein, Muller discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Not sure but sessions role but he is the attorney general idea that he's not aware of different things that are going on this is president hugh i was calling the white house all last night and people close the president is there in rage because they think sessions isn't doing his job but they should president screaming about sessions unhappy about session attorney general in rosenstein the real thing they're worried about is does he fire rosenstein to try to end muller does he just kind of go back at sessions or the punching bag politically of the they they feel betrayed and they're not really sure how this is gonna play out now as as a matter of politics and law my advice would be leave muller alone he's gotta dry hall there's no collusion but you have to replace sessions you have to put someone in charge of the department of justice and then that person has to review what rosenstein did here this is breathtaking robert i as a con law professor i'm just kind of stunned if if if ken starr had sees david kendall's office williams and conley or if liane ski had gone over and grabbed everything from james saint clair during watergate i'd have been stunned because attorney client is a bedrock principle of american law while it is not inviolate it's not invulnerable it is very rare to seize it and it's i it's just never happened with the president before and i don't think i think trump hatred might be muffling the gasps in the lock community this morning.

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