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Rain this morning. Lassos miss this perfect. For those of you listened to my other punk cost the Kurdi comforter, I deficient or miss just it's just having. There's not a Cardi hood is not a hurt. Again, is certainly a lot of cardigans on on your breast. Johnny right. Just above your, right? Nipple voted and voted. It wasn't an American citizen isn't just my nipple of voted yet. I believe for the first time in your life in any country. And I will talk about it during my taste. But I have the full on tingling, Dave and not only did I vote today, which possibly my greatest day is an American. We you and me and Jay dubb's in all of our time together as many blazes we've been to so many places who've been to real prize you Paseo Pamplona Spain. And then the Penn plume of Scotland Dundee. We've never been to your manner. We've never been to your man in London. We've never been. Grouchy roach. We really aren't gonna my man now, we're going to south London. We're going south of the river yet Amish that song just one of the best. We're going south river gonna Amanda we okay your gaffe. We're going you gaffe staying down. The Alana Bridgewater is going to be amazing you ever gonna London we're headed over with producer, j w. Get ready for violence and visit Britain this weekend to shoot loads of content at palace versus Tottenham on Saturday and L play Erico. Chelsea is deny young up and comes Everton on Sunday. Roger bet you Conway. I could not be more excited for the football. Dave the first game. Anyway, I'm really I've got candid I'm not breaks. It's all in the face for the Chelsea Everton game. We'll get to that later in the pot. I am excited. I'm excited to give to the church war rooms with the scene of. Nope. John Lithgow is finest hour. I'm I'm excited. excited to carry with. We're going home. We're going home. We're going to raise a pint with the ginger king. They white. Give them a cuddle coming down from Dhabi or less than of a part of the middle of the country. And she leaves to be with we're gonna shoot television spece we can show in London. We're going to visit..

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