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I huzzah girl are chung the way thanks for fear janetnathan your final round is called menasheh tour each question is about a group of three members i'll name each individual member and you told me their collective name so for example if i said larrymoencurley you'd say the three stooges we're going to play this round like a penalty shootout you'll each get the same number of questions the contest scores the most points will be our big winner you're prizes and asked me other rubix cube in a jigsaw puzzle of two squirrels at a picnic table signed by roy with junior we roll the 20 sided backstage in janet is going ihere we go janet kelly lindhmichellewilliams and beyond say knowlesdestiny'schildthat is correct nathan international man of mystery thespywho check me goldmember austinpowers move that the austinpowers trilogy janet diary the edge of reason baby british smoothiesthat is correct nathan from alexandraduma's novel porthosathas and aramisthree seconds and he guesses those were thethreemusketeersjanet from and g movie agents played by lucyliudrewbarrymore and camerondiaz has charlie'sangelsthat is correct nathanblossom bubbles buttercup power puff girls are powerful curls correct.

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