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Hey everybody back those interview with dr arthur boker dr john weston john ardian john both great interviews reviews john told him when he got on i said his interview last time he was on is one of the ones that i revisit most often because it's such a bread and butter stuff us every day and sometimes you forget about the different nuances of cementation so he right person to the checkout so make sure you listen real if you have a chance to see him speak i would do it too he's really he's really he's really he's practical probably the most practical i really really enjoyed talking to him and and there's always the thing that i come back to him like so was last time you read the instructions on any of the guessing because you probably remember those instructions incorrectly yeah i was gonna say differently but that sort of spins it incorrectly you probably don't exactly instruction i actually the bonding each and i use is it's an alternate product it's a its peak peak universal and i use it with the i use it with like blue and this is something i read the instructions and i i would have sworn that you do too don't you do you scrub for ten seconds with it and then you gently air dry and then you scrub for ten seconds gently air dry i read the instructions again recently you only have to do it once so where did they come up with two now screwed it all we're worthy or the instructions at one point two and i remember it correctly did i completely make that up did some somewhat some speaker that i heard say oh no you gotta do it twice in any case case i like the habit is to twice even though these assistant was short term memory loss maybe just kept handing it to me when exactly again again it gets it she knows she does she does so i have to say that we've had several people ask for the voice thing for go hack yourself they've said no no i really i it's a thing i really miss it so i'm for today we're going going back and i'm going to say now's the time on the shore my voice goes funding and i say go hack yourself memories like the corners of your mind uh well i never thought i was gonna ask that rags me pick in so as tradition dictates dr lipscomb why don't you go hack yourself maybe i will allen my go hack yourself is something i found i joined the little back ma'am talked about joined the ACA the kademi american academy of clear you're a liners the american academy of canadian day as ASPCA could be the end yeah okay okay okay go ahead sorry sorry not candidate clear not clear line this mouse in this beer bodily c. they've got some good deals they've got a great group they are if if you haven't joined you do clear liners i definitely would suggest that it's pretty cheap to sign up and they do have some pretty good i stuff for the group so get in there and get you try it out but they recently had a a a deal abiding deal for a den then matt envy perot three micro laser is nasa laser is so that's the that's the little one you could cares rounding they'll is a little feller isn't it yeah see they had a really good deal on it so i grabbed me one i have not gotten it yet but i'm looking forward to it but i did have a soft tissue laser my other office said i sold have been laser less for a little while and really needs to get back into it sometimes gets sick pack and coordinated us wanna burn tissue away real quick i can't wait to hear because honestly that is that laser came out i don't know probably came out ten years ago it's been owned by multiple companies i think denmark owns is it now or sells it but one point it was it might have been a an might have been a i don't know i can't remember exactly what but it's cool because it's it's supposedly really just i think it just has like a little cap you put on you don't have to mess with like the tips or anything like that it's all like i don't know i'm pretty excited exac- leaving not leaving i'm i'm allergic leaving i think it's it's about the size of a sharpie from what they say but i'm gonna try to have and i'm looking forward to to it and i will definitely let you guys know what i think about it that's a piece of crap i'll tell ya every piece of equipment anyhow i i know that and i know that if you got a good deal on it i it's worth i want to hear about i wanna hear everything on here everything jason i will tell you everything about it okay okay it trough in in cleveland all over the place sounds high laser on top of it judy there so might go hack yourself we've been giving a lot of the ended onic products from dense by a lot of love and frankly i have more i the gut a smart ah product i got the call it got a smart basically it's a two piece it's like the heating element for it's like a cordless system be essentially it's a battery the system be then it's got a like a battery out battery running columnists they're both cordless so now it's got the down pack the heated heated down pack in one little hand ps and then it's got the kind of the the backfill the gutter percha backfill in what's really nice with no cords this becomes uh-huh much slicker easier thing to do i can't even tell you how much i like these things there i've been using a knock off of the system be from park l. and it's it's a fine piece of equipment but i didn't realize that it really was not getting the job done with the down pack this thing that down pack is like hold onto your hats man it's it's fast and efficient russian and it's very cool i can't tell you how how excited i am actually i don't know i mean i wasn't all that excited about but this whole this whole their your whole system the their cordless hand pieces and stuff like that and in the wave one gold stuff man i'm i'm liking it a lot i wasn't an endo guy in non-combat endo guy so the gut a smart system is like the second half of the wave one gold system pretty excited about that i think you're getting one of those two aren't you i gotta attitude i'm getting it all set up yeah it looks pretty cool i'm just trying to make sure i know exactly how to use it yeah super bowl it it packs access to purchase pretty quick just so you know be it goes like when you when you seated place it goes right place it'd be where it make sure you have a staffer on where you want it because that's i can go it's kind of shocking in other words it reaches it reaches temperature at the tip of that thing pretty fast faster than i was expecting so that's like saying yeah yeah it's really it's really good at takes almost no time at all it does a nice job with all that so i'm a big fan it will be in the show notes you can check it out but i was was really surprised how how easily and quickly you can do this stuff like if you were if you were wanting to you could probably make endo pretty efficient i'm not great deficiency efficiency of anything but if you wanted to the system that we have that you and i have from dense wieser and it would be very good for efficiency let's just say that silly efficiency passion's the loving fast fast and efficient fast something like that i feel like there's there's there's a dirty joke in here somewhere but people just leave that alone now you keep the to yourself i will so upcoming in january january twenty fourth worth twenty fifth we have this meeting we've talked about a gazillion times called the voice dentistry jason if you decide your come still on the fence you know what hey wow tell me your elevator pitch flash go you and a whole lot of other people are on the fenton and i'm not gonna lie to you i'm a little mad about it it's too okay because there's a lot of people out the interwebs world and socially oh yeah i'm going to beauty i'm like well you know what sign up already okay i can see the numbers people everyone says they're going but but then they hold off to sign up that's how dentists are they wait to less second i'm begging you to knock that off and sign up now so i'm not going i can't have you yelling i i did i did a terrible elevator pitch that is like it's like not the way to get people sign up but there you have it voices of dentistry dot com the website you can see our speaker lineup you can see some of the podcasts are going to be twenty-five podcasts there you can sit down record with them see your favorite dental podcasters just i can hardly wait it's gonna be a great it's a newer nicer resort it's the scottsdale now the hilton scottsdale resort and villas in scottsdale oh in january scottsdale in january people what else do you even need to know let's be on how you guys you stay up where it's snowing cold i'm gonna ask outsail now that's right maybe he's still he's still in the franchise tough decisions i don't know man i don't know man so one other thing i want our listeners to do is is i want you to go to dental hacks dot com slash vote there's like this thing is a you can vote for your favorite it dental podcasts and like the winner gets to say that they were voted the favor done vodka the winner gets nothing other than bragging rights and this year i really really we really want to win jason is rolling his eyes so hard i think they might have fallen out of his head buster i want to win so you go to dental hacks dot com slash vote and you can vote for your favorite four war dental podcasts in the assumption being that one of those could be us and i'd really like to win this so go vote for us dental x dot com slash vote and it will take you almost no time and you can actually vote multiple times it's like chicago apparently vote in vote in voting vote to to he you went to win yep that's right i actually when i get done speaking with jason i'm just gonna vote for the rest of the day over and over and over again that's how much i wanna when i am motor-voter all right jason so we should probably wrap it up we we've given them all we've got there's nothing lost some of the most of it wasn't i'm okay with that okay jason thank you for spending a little time with me today and we will catch you next week.

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