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To law enforcement. The next hearing is set for December 30 in Woburn, James RoHaas W. B Z Boston's NewsRadio, Both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will face the American people. Tomorrow Night. However, it won't be in the familiar debate format. President Trump and Joe Biden will appear in dueling primetime town halls. President on NBC, Biden on ABC. They were supposed to hold their second debate tomorrow, which the debate commission scrapped after the president's Corona virus infection and his subsequent refusal to take part in a virtual meeting with Biden. NBC said Tomorrow's Town Hall in Miami after the president took an independent virus test yesterday. And Dr Anthony Fauci was among those reviewing the results. SOCCER Megane Washington It is pulling from New Hampshire shows Joe Biden with a double digit lead over the president. Dave Paleologos from Suffolk University, says Biden leads 51 to 41% With 3% undecided and independence or driving. The numbers will come down to the undeclared voters, which is what they call independence in New Hampshire. From, you know again, you know, Donald Trump was winning independence by six points in 2060 in 2016. In this poll, he trailed by 13 points. Biden leaves 48 to 35. Therein lies the difference. You know, between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Paleologos says there are three major issues driving voters, covert 19, bringing the country together and jobs and the economy. President Trump in New Hampshire only leads on the economy issue and leads big with that. 78 to 11%. 300 licensed ambulance units in New Hampshire will soon have access to electro static sprayers to help with disinfection. The state bureau. VMS says the sprayers will help with faster turnaround times following service calls. Funding was made available through the Granite State Health Care Coalition. Hand held devices are lightweight and allow for 360 degree touchless disinfection and sanitizing, which safety officials say is ideal for the current pandemic. A change in Corona virus policy in the NFL. The Tennessee Titans looked strong after the team's run in with the Corona virus. Ah, win last night over Buffalo on CBS keeps the team undefeated. Going forward. The NFL will begin testing for covert 19 on game days beginning this weekend. And other new protocols will be followed to. But unlike other sports, there are no plans to play games in a bubble. After virtual meetings with team owners, Commissioner Roger Goodell said, We cannot grow complacent. Steve Caven, CBS New Tuo ADA trip to Wall Street on this Wednesday, June, Doniger is at Bloomberg and Joan for those hoping for a turnaround in the markets today. No such luck. No such luck been Wall Street, showing its disappointment with word from the Trump Administration Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and downplayed chances of coming up with a deal on pandemic aid. Before the election, he said it would be difficult. The Dow Now down 118, the NASDAQ 80 to the SNP 19 Holocaust deniers will not find a forum on Twitter. The social media platforms says it will remove posts that deny the Holocaust is violations of Twitter's hateful conduct policy Facebook and announced Monday it would block Holocaust denier posts. Facebook says it changed its policy after a study that found nearly a quarter of 19 to 39 year olds thought the Holocaust was a myth or exaggerated. I'm Joan Doniger Bloomberg Business on W. B C. Boston's news radio before you make.

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