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The season let's let's take one more call on this let's go to bob in northern virginia you're on wma l hello bob how you doing i think that before joe biden wants to take on the president which i think he would lose the battle you ought to start taking on people in his own party bill clinton john edwards harvey weinstein kevin spacey go on no you don't get the point but that's joe biden's seventy five years old he's got we got to get him into that we don't have time for a double elimination series of cage matches i appreciate the sentiment though i would like to see a qualifying round maybe get him in there with chuck schumer and you talk about a slap fight there is what it it'd be harry reid would be my pick to come out of the democratic party former senator was a boxer you can tell by the brain damage but yeah i would love i would pay to see joe biden versus donald trump cage match boxing match armwrestling doesn't matter all right this sunday stormy daniels interview on sixty minutes is finally going to air i think this story has is moldy bread already i think it's it's the pastime but talk a little bit about that next romp in the swan i dig it it'd be bad him woodbridge wma all washington one point nine fm and am six thirty w nfl washington cumulus station where washington comes to talk you her male news at five thirty i'm marie leave president trump's lead lawyer in the special counsel investigation into russia's role in the two thousand sixteen presidential election john dowd has resigned they recently added joseph degen uva a lawyer known for defending the president and attacking the special counsel investigation on cable news there was a brazen plot to illegally exonerate hillary clinton and if she didn't win the election to then frame donald trump with a falsely created crime is this the jennifer said yes several prominent attorneys have said no including former us solicitor general ted olson emmett flood represented bill clinton during his impeachment proceeding and robert bennett clinton's attorney in the.

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