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Did you see. My Gosh did you see Joe Borough stays after tying with the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday? Not Happy he was pissed and I joe borough keeps playing really really well and losing or tying with the Philadelphia Eagles. I feel bad for quarterbacks that play for bad organizations and I encourage people do not. If you can avoid it, make the jets somebody else's problem do not play for the New York jets if you don't have to. Now after watching Sam Darnold press conference. I watched. The jets head coach, Adam, Gay, STU, his post game press conference. And the Dude Adam. Gates I mean slouched over. He's literally got hat down he's hiding behind the bill of his hat. That guy's not a leader. If you're coach loses you want the guy to be defiant and believe in himself and Adam Geishas looks beaten and like you hit him over the head with a bat or something he looks like he's dejected and sad that guy is not a leader. I'm not a good leader at the very least and. I would not let that guy worked with my son or my friend or anybody cared with this guy is not the kind of person I would want anybody I cared with working with. An honestly looks like Adam. Gaze, just. Waiting to be fired, he sitting around probably some kind of financial benefit hoping that if he gets fired, he probably gets paid more than if he resigns honestly as Mike and like conspiracy theory there is it Adam Gates realizes. Make. More money at the jets just fire him. I don't know what's going on there but he does not look good confident guy who believes he can win in New York at all. Played the video. I watched the Santa Press Conference then the Adam Gates press conference, I watched them. At halftime of the Monday night football game. And all my friends and family watching the game with me. Just. Lost all their energy. They looked dejected. It was terrible. They're on their phones. The energy just like got sucked out of the room and I guess that's the effect that Adam, Gates has on. A room he just really like Adam. Gays was the most depressing thing I've seen in a long time. And the now there's rumor circulating that if the jets lose on. Thursday night football to the Denver Broncos then apparently. The jets are going to fire Adam gays. And I just wonder why. Why is that the? The theorized plan it's a rumor if it's true, that's really really stupid if you WANNA fire at them gaze just pull the trigger do.

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