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All right man first of all welcome to the show. I feel like this is long. Do Thank you. It's a great honor to be on your show. I really admire your work. And yes is the great to touch base and share awesome while so so my my first question. My first probing question here is green. Madame foe is it's A. It's a really great site. I mean. Just just chock full of all sorts of wonderful articles that are well researched. So thank you for that But I'm very curious how this actually came to be because for for me. My websites originated from me. Traveling around the world doing traff lawns and riding on this little tiny free blog about you know high was eating. And how is fuelling and how? I was traveling eventually progress into interviews. And you know the Ben Greet fitness dot com etc. Everybody's gotten origination story so so how'd yours come great question many layers you know secular to maybe deeper and sort of new agey explanations. We can into but I'd say because I was working as an educator for a health food store chain in Florida It's an interesting situation because in Florida you can practice nutrition. You can't do. Homeopathy naturopathy is not legal. Either so you had all these people come into these health food stores looking for answers and because I had already been sort of an event jealous invent jellicoe about the benefits of of natural interventions. Because I was really sick. Infant you know throughout my children adolescents. I was really into natural health personally. But what I've found role was that it was really important. People had access to what you might call validated. Third Party Research so I stumbled upon pubmed in that window and that started ten years before create agreement Info so I was often going ahead almost like a reference librarian for them finding research that they needed a thought they needed to affirm what maybe there were a lot of marketing around certain products being beneficial so it was sort of a way to have a check and balance because a lot of people have anecdotes in personal experiences. But there's also the need for some type of validation so that was the original inspiration behind greement info terms of creating the resource. Now win when you put together. This website was just. You pubmed you sitting down and writing did you. Did you like a team of authors. Because it's just a it's a a huge site. I'm just curious. How even manage? That's a great question. Well initially it was interesting. I was actually just using Yahoo site builder. Which was this copy paste? Html code site? That was really basic. And I must have had one hundred thousand clicks under my belt and I realized going in I needed to create more dynamic database so I went ahead on What was upward at the time And got a developer to support me in creating a more dynamic way to take this information and make sense of it so so over time it became does this labor of love to go ahead and spend. I was about three years of you know maybe an extra twenty hours a week of just working in front of a LCD screen going through these abstracts and finding these clinical pearls. I was amazed to see there is such a wealth of information on natural interventions at least being studied pre clinically. I felt it would be really amazing to just bundle. All those studies together actually attribute a numeric value so that you could ascertain the quantity and even quality of the study by looking at you know. Double Blind peer reviewed trials having a greater Score than say animal study and so overtime was attempt to try to you know. Just bring the information together and enable those studies to sort of speak for themselves because of course as you know you can't really make structure function claims about anything it could be a walnut or cherry the FDA FTC doesn't really allow that. Oh Yeah I mean. I'm even needing to be very careful right now. You know at the time. Recording this corona viruses. Obviously thing and I'm Jay in any language I use. I have to be very careful to simply say take care of your immune system. Here's what you can use to enhance your immune system. Here are some smart steps to take to protect you. Your and your family from viruses. But I don't believe I'm very careful even throwing around terms like corona virus you know remedies treatments etc just because you do have to be very careful. You need to be responsible to admittedly because there. There are many natural health strategies or alternative medical strategies. You know you know smearing vitamin C on your forehead is is obviously not going to to protect you from a pretty robust virus like this so so. I do get the the caution but I also really really like what you've done with the website as far as weaving in a Lotta this pubmed research and really making it apparent to people you know. What's actually well researched? What's you know more hypothesis or what we might call you know ancestor wisdom or based on medic medicine or Chinese traditional medicine. But you titled Together Really Nicely Thank You. Yeah well ideas just to provide some rudimentary informed consent without that information is just not possible to make an educated choice and that's ultimately what. I'd like to contribute to nothing nothing more than that. Obviously we're all in control of our health decisions and not personal choice. Yeah Yeah well folks if you have a little extra time on your hands at add add website to your feed reader but I want to actually turn to the book. And the book is just chock full of really. You know a a ton of information about how to actually enhance your body's ability to be able to care for itself to as you say regenerates to repair and In one of the first things you tackle in the book that really caught my eye is X. Oems excess homes are something that I've discussed on this podcast before with mostly physicians. Who are doing things? Like Code ministering injectable X. oems from labs such as you know camera labs down kind of in your neck of the woods down towards Florida. You know into people along with stem cells to enhance the signaling capabilities of those stem cells. there are a couple of general medicine. Doctors I've interviewed. Who are doing intravenous administration of homes. But you kind of took a different a different perspective. Or you have a different angle. When it comes to exit specifically the role they play in regeneration and also the plant based nature of them. So I would love to hear you describe in your words Excess oems and the role that they play in regeneration and then I think we can probably take a little bit deeper dive into into some of the things that that that you've discovered as far as plant-based excellence in our in a sure I'm so excited by this topic because Wasn't it wasn't until recently that we even understood that all the cells in living beings including US secrete what look very much like viruses. Actually which is these little particles in the same size ranges viruses which are about ninety Not Ninety nanometer. So we have this. Very small invisible particle being secreted by cells including the things we eat so could be rice would contain X. Zone homes and they ended up actually carrying very potent Genetic Information including micro Arnaiz which are now known to govern the expression of the majority of the protein coding genes in the human genome. So they in a way our interspecies Communication tool so that when we eat food it literally communicates very important information to our jeans and I can activate certain pathways so I found that to be really a profound discovery and in the book we discuss ways in which food as information may actually be one of the key ways to resolve a number of chronic diseases that we often associate with you. Know sort of Defective genetic patterns inherited distant ancestors whereas in fact is really more about what we are eating. And I think they micro R. A. X. Zone Connection Helps. Explain that okay. So so EXA. Soames essentially are carrying micro RNA. So so they're these tiny nanoparticle size vesicles that I know can can carry information. Which is why they're being used in. Modern medicine is these signaling molecules. Do you know that some would use with for example? Something like stem cells. But it sounds to me like what you're saying is that exa soames can also be consumed orally via certain plant matter and actually carry the rn a from what we've consumed into our bodies. Yes so they contain a number of things including Messenger Aren. A and lipids proteins. But I think when it comes to in this sort of post genucel make era. We now find ourselves in after two thousand five with the first Drafted the human genome being completed where they only found approximately twenty thousand protein. Coding genes right same same as found in earthworm. There you know throwing up their hands like how can we explain the complexity of the human body much less a single cell if we don't have enough information in this long Herald Heritage Holy Grail of of you know Orthodox genetics and so in other words? The Michael are in a piece is important because we now know that the ninety eight percent of the human genome that they called junk which is probably better described as dark matter of the human genome actually contains a lot of Ra and that the micro Arnaiz are what's probably helping to explain the vast complexity of species like our own and so when we find this hour we also start looking and finding that food contains these micro Arnaiz and there's like this light bulb of okay so we actually outsource the regulation of our own genomes expression to certain foods over millions of years of Korva. Lucien the plants that are known as angiosperms which produced fruit and sub ten seventy percent of the world's food supply including grains etc. Now they co evolved for several hundred million years with complex animal life. Meta Zoa when emerged so there was this interdependence woven genetically between plants and animals that helps explain why certain foods can completely transform one's health or said differently lacking certain foods can lead to really serious diseases like cancer one can consider a deficiency of genetically essential information found in berries and certain plants like vegetables and fruits. It's not a deficiency of chemotherapy or radiation. So win when you're talking about these these excess homes that are going to deliver specific components of plant based into us. What then would be some of the foods that would contain these excess oems. That would give us some kind of a beneficial effect upon consumption of those foods like how the irony from. Let's say you know whether it's Broccoli or ginger or something else like that actually affect our bodies in what are some foods that we could eat to almost get access to these oral excess homes great question in fact What we've found in the literature is that Ginger for example has these X. Zome nanoparticles that you know are very powerful in terms of Affecting the expression of interleukin ten and various different enzymes associated with inflammation. So you know there are many reasons why these highly complex plants that we so love their spices tradition benefit..

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