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It is possible this team this franchise is not afraid to make big, surprising moves like to Argel on being fired after a three game losing streak. That the Knights were up 31 in this syriza. This is the team that a lot of people believe a lot of fans believe is the team that can win the Stanley Cup finals. If the Knights lose this seriously, the Minnesota wild has it crossed your mind at all that there is a possibility that Pete the Borg, it's let go. I don't think so. I don't think so. You know when you've already made a coaching change, um, you know, in the organization's young history to make another one is a reaction to losing one Syriza. I'm not sure that that Z the way the organization thinks again. They did have the most wins and hockey this year and sometimes you run into a good opponent and things don't go your way. Not that the Golden Knights would use it as an excuse, but they're leading goal scorer has not been available for this series. Max Patch ready, So I think that pizza boy I think is actually done a very, very good job with this group. Has pushed a lot of the right buttons, so I would say No. When George Gillett was let go, it was not in. You know, it was not in response to losing a particular syriza. It was a variety of other Disagreements or approached from how the management of the Golden Knights coaching staff of the time We're looking at it corrected, and I agree with that assessment. All right. So last question to you, Dan, I'm not asking you for prediction. I'm not putting you in that spot. But I will ask you this, though. Who do you think is the key to the game? And who do you think is the guy that can make the difference for the Vegas Golden Knights? Tonight. Now, obviously, I say, Marc Andre Fleury. I'm speaking a Viasa. He's there. I do believe that the Knights are resilient group and they'll get it done tonight, but Nemea guy, or maybe a few players that you think could be the difference site and we could be talking about them tomorrow as the star of the game that got the night's over the top. Well, the first one that comes to mind would be Alec Martinez. Sometimes my gut instinct as to who I think could have an important game leads me to that player to choose for pre game interview. So that goes Alec. For that the interview today might lead you towards something with me. He's the guy who scored the most recent goal for the power play goal in Game five. I mean, he's been very good on the power play in the Syriza, and he has the most blocked shots of anybody in the regular season or the postseason. Gary Lawless said it on our broadcast that he might not have an A or a C honest weather, but he should have a W for warrior and the fight with Matt Dumba the other day, just a second. That was awesome here and all that. So he's one player who comes to mind. Of course, he's 12 cops, amenities played 90. Stanley Cup playoff games on Don't forget about Alex. The Trans Hello? Who's tonight? Bling is 99 on and then you know, it's you can't help but wonder you can't help but wonder as Max Patch ready is miss now 10 games. You know, I said it going into the series. Could there be a Willis Reed moment That's ready in the Golden Knight. I don't know He was not on the ice with the team for the optional morning skate today, so that could be a pipe dream. But it's hard not to think about what Max has been trying to deal with and trying to go through a boy. It would just be so hard to watch your team go through all of this and not be able to contribute in some way so Again. It was when Willis Reed joined the next 1970. You know, it was he hit the first basket and really didn't play afterwards was the emotional boost. I love it that you're I love it that you're a New York guy. You brought that up because I remember I used to watch the footage that what Willis Reed came out and msg and the crowd just went crazy. Uh, you know, Yeah. I love it, Marv. Yes. Why does it always sound like Marv is on the toilet when he spoke, But anyway, that's another story. Yeah, Anyway, anyway, that That was more Sean Connery than Marv Albert. Just mix of the hybrid was interested it would be. It would be a pretty interesting point while taking Danielle, if that's already somehow and you're right, it could be a piper in but you never know. I mean, if he's out there tonight, I think that would be that would just give that team. I think that extra boost even if he's only 80% just to see him out there in the uniforms skating again. I think that would be a huge boost. Dan, You're always so gracious with your time. We always appreciate it when you join us on the show. It's gonna be a fun one tonight, my man, so hopefully next week. Hopefully we can Get you on the show will be talking about this series against the Colorado Avalanche. At least let's hope that But Dan do with the voice of the Vegas Golden Knights. Thank you so much as always, for your time and appreciate you. My pleasure guys enjoyed tonight. Thank you. Thanks a lot, Dad. All right. There you go. Dan do for the voice of the Vegas Golden Knights. You heard it on this show. Daniel Grant movie Geek, a Super fan. Don't wanna put Dan do in that situation because he worked for the Vegas called the Nights I don't want to ask him for a prediction. Danny Negreanu, who usually always has a prediction. He basically said. This is a coin flip game, and he doesn't know what's going to happen. Very smart guy saying that it sounded to me that yes, if he had to, he would lean Vegas Golden Knights. That's where I'm at. I wouldn't put.

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