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I think that's really interesting. And then they'll break it, of course. But then we'll have some others on route to the come up and things like J watching this live is living through the rise of genre was interesting. I wonder what you're putting it on PS four. Yeah. On XBox playing on PC. Now, I start to think like, maybe I shouldn't be but. I'm sure the progress probably carryover now, I believe it does. I cross play as far as I know. I think maybe one day. Yeah. I think they said they hadn't ruled it out. But as as of this juncture, they're not doing pure spoiler. What was that? Jeff bridges. Jeff bridges, sometimes stone Jeff bridges in that Hiller high water. Oh, really sweet sounds like normal in his mouth, a western nets draw. The money station stuff is not bad Wisconsin free to play. And then I have at no point felt like I was being held back. I haven't spent money, and I've gotten enough crafting materials through leveling up that I've been able to buy skins that I want it's completely broken on response. Game that I feel like if I spend enough time with it. I might want to just give them some money because you know, I've been that way with free to play games. I've actually really liked is that a certain point if you like, okay. You know, what a little money goes in that direction. Because I've literally spent like thirty hours playing this thing, I wonder is that the new business models is like the tip jar. I mean, kind of I mean, we live in the gig economy. Right. I know, but it yeah. I've that was the first thing I think of now's like how's this gonna make money? That's that's not a don't worry. I mean, I'm not worried about it fortnight is making its money. They'll find a way also found many interesting ways to not make money on things that they probably should. So it's still pretty early for this game. I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of it's not already. I haven't really followed this too much a kind of dropped very quickly it did. But I'm sure they'll have kind of pass and some kind of you know, things you yet. But a because medic and kind of a lot of people admire the fortnight model. Sure what they're doing in terms of. Hey, pay us this amount up front, and then as you get points or fees things, and you can buy more v box. I'm sure they'll be something similar. I'm like less concerned with how EA figures out how to monetize this thing. Because I think what they have right now. We'll do just fine for them. Strong base. Really? They have a foot in the battle royale door. They've already got up hope of a pretty sizable player based on every platform and sounds like so impressive. Yeah. My only question about this is the timing of it. All. They dropped this right before anthem is coming out in granted. They are not the same game. But like, no, you're right. They are to sort of big tent poli kinda shooter type games and won an anthem has just gone through a very public beta that people did not love. So to be more specific they dropped it. Right. After that beta and the kind of feedback loop stopped, and then they drop this but anthem is only two weeks away. It's two weeks away. And it's a sixty dollar product with a monthly fee. Yeah. The there's a monthly fee for that game for anthem for Anthony. I need to look that up. I had this conversation. Talk and rice swear to God. I read that game had monthly the first I'm here in the one hundred percent wrong. If I am I'm sorry. But I swear to God I had that conversation with someone recently. Here's monthly subscription fee for anthem. Let's.

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