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Feels like you're not supported ten forty eight AM breaking traffic alerts when they happen morning fog to the south of the Dallas fort worth area plenty of sunshine elsewhere temperatures will slowly warm through the fifties this morning and up into the mid to upper seventies on your way home from work winds will be light and variable a front let's to the north of us this evening an isolated storm towards the Red River valley otherwise we'll look for warming temperatures sixty two to eighty two tomorrow low to mid sixties for morning lows on Thursday with some drizzle highs in the mid eighties and a good chance for showers and rumble of thunder often on Friday into Saturday with highs only near sixty I'm meteorologist Dan burn off in the care of the weather severe weather for Warner brothers roofing right now it's fifty seven a KRLD it is ten forty one I'm John little live in other cities bands have played a new center and now you can pause and rewind live radio made you want to hear a KRLD news interview again check out the rewind feature in the radio dot com this time for the ten eighty pump watch now it is a dollar seventy six in southwest Dallas now yeah one seventy six at the Sam's club Cleveland road and I. twenty in north fort worth it's a dollar eighty one at the talkies thirty five W. and one fourteen and one eighty one in Frisco at the cosco at Dallas parkway near El Dorado the current local average in North Texas is a Buck ninety nine a Facebook miglior to cowboys fans is now the head coach for a North Texas high school football team K. R. L. these advert Greenstein has morals and high school hires Jon Kitna as its new head football.

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