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You know, very light it just what boys. Yeah. And you get a point better race say I'm gonna hit you. Yeah. And you kind of get an idea of some of what his older brother went through. And you do get some moments of like I understand kind of why he's abusive like he is. And I would say I really appreciate it. That they could have just written his brother in a way that maybe you didn't really have sympathy for you could be kinda villain in the film when I'm really glad that didn't do that. They gave him a bit of a story. And you do see a glimpse into kind of his mind. Right. You know? And I'm really glad that Jona hills. A good writer. Yeah. That is good writer. I I said I feel like he's a really good actor and he's a really good writer. Right. Like he and he's not writing like comedy jokes. You know, he's writing a serious film. And he did that very well. He also directed it. Well, I think and I and he had some really good like there is sort of like a jump scare moment. Kind of. Yeah. And they do that. Well, and it has good drama in it. So I really enjoyed. I thought Johnny was a really good director in this. Yeah. I like good for him. Good for him for doing directing that he wanted to have that nineties fill to oh. Like, the newbie looking kinda director camera shakes, it does kind of have that feeling because all those nineties films like really this could have been so much better. Yeah. This is what we get right? Definitely liked the nineties. Yeah. I mean, if you if you wanna relive the nineties a little bit, you can watch movie again and have that feeling these were fun. So we're gonna take a quick break. And the we're gonna come back and keep talking about some more movies. Lake shelter near rain almost over there about to announce the new sexy man, do you feel the sex waning from you? God Van.

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