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It's six three at the bay area's news station. KCBS we've had some reports of scattered showers this morning that for the most part we expect partly sunny skies highs mid fifties. Good morning. I'm Susan Lee. Taylor infra stand bunker. I'm Holly gone. Here's what's happening. This could be life changing news for anyone with a criminal conviction in California's KCBS Bigler reports live what state lawmaker wants to make it a whole lot easier for low level offenders to white this late clean, Matt good morning. Holly six years ago. Jay Jordan was convicted of robbery since then he's done his time. But says it's been much harder to get a job and housing because of his criminal record. Just bought a house wonderful having issue joining my HOA, I'll pay four taxes, but I cannot access for society. That's not public safety. Now is an activist with Californians for safety injustice. He is supporting a Bill by San Francisco assemblyman, Phil ting, which would automatically clear convictions for some eight. Million residents with criminal convictions. Eligible for sealing ting says the goal is to reduce recidivism among ex-cons putting more money into rehabilitation. We are putting more resources more services. But we ability starts with the fresh start. And you can't get a fresh start. If you have something on your record now under this proposed law. The convictions would remain in law enforcement databases, but the public would no longer be able to access them sex offenders and any offender who served time in prison would be ineligible. Reporting live, Matt Bigler KCBS and alleged peeping. Tom who frightened a south San Jose neighborhood has been arrested by San Jose police KCBS, Jennifer Honda's joins us live this morning to report from San Jose. With the latest, Jennifer. Yes, Susan sixty year old Mark variegate Mendocino was allegedly caught on camera. Naked and peering into the window of an evergreen neighborhood home. Police say in the last three weeks he's committed at least three. Acts of indecent exposure in at least one case dressed in a women's dress. And heels each incident caught on surveillance footage neighbors telling KPI x five it's unnerving the fear is that it asked that could escalate. That's your big fear. Oh, I'm in obviously, really skinny Navarra gay at one point was a lecturer at Stamford police say this isn't the first time he's been arrested back in two thousand seventeen he was charged with peeping and prowling. He pled no contest and moved from San Jose police say they don't know is returned reporting live, Jennifer, Hodges KCBS. Thanks, Jennifer for decades, power outages and spotty public transportation of plagued residents of Treasure Island. But now with KCBS as making gold's be reports the areas newly elected supervisor says he's going to change all of that supervisor Matt Haney just being here at this community meeting is an amazing start says Jim Morowski who owns treasure Allen wines in the last.

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