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Find your opportunity at Amazon dot com slash apply Amazon is an equal opportunity employer I met there with traffic on the far as father was on Twitter W. why DC traffic Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist what's going on Hey good morning board we have a cold start out there with temperatures in the teens and single digits wind chill values in some spots will see some sunshine throughout the day today but it's going to be chilly with highs near thirty eight mostly clear and cold for those high school football games tonight lows will fall into the lower twenties on Saturday is going to warm up just a little bit we'll see highs in the mid forties with partly cloudy skies and it is going to be a bit breezy and then just a touch warmer on Sunday with highs near fifty one partly to mostly cloudy skies that is Tara Hastings of wish TV thank you so very much it is twenty degrees in the American standard heating weather center sorry and it's gonna be really nice weekend that's the best I can do for you the time right now is six a six hour on ninety three W. I. B. C. is powered by the whole loan expert dot com when your family you know what to do and that's just some of what happened on the view with Donald Trump junior Kimberly Guilfoyle it was insane it was absolutely insane Donald Trump junior held his own they got applause there was brewing at one moment during the break with the goal of our god to tell the audience stop blanking brewing you're messing up the microphones at one moment there are people in the crowd.

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