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Heavy hitters are joining the effort to reach a deal and Oakland eight thirty at K G O. Good morning. I'm Brett burkhart state superintendent, Tony Thurman and former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich are joining the negotiations as Oakland teachers walked picket lines for a third day today at school district and Oakland Education Association failed to reach an agreement yesterday. Teachers are continuing to ask for a twelve percent raise over three years, more nurses counselors and smaller class sizes. The district says it can't afford twelve percent and has offered eight point five percent over four years. Plus a reduction of class sizes by one percent, which the reunion has rejected. Meantime superintendent Kyle Johnson Trammell says the schools will continue to remain open during the strike. It's not school as usual, but we do have staff classrooms parents of students by the strike who are not taking their kids to school that had staying home or taking their kids to churches, rec centers and libraries that have opened their doors to help Terry. Rouse reports the negotiations underway later this morning, a secure. Guard shot during the robbery of a bay area. News crew covering the strike is in stable condition. KPI axe says thirties arrested a man suspected of shooting the guard before five Sunday afternoon. Again, the guard is in stable condition. A jury in San Francisco will decide whether roundup weed killer caused another man's cancer and a trial the plaintiffs attorneys say could help determine the fate of hundreds of similar lawsuits. Opening statements and Edwin Harman's a lawsuit against agribusiness giant Monsanto are scheduled for today on Santo rejects the claim it was just last year. When a Benicia man who sued for the same reason accepted, reduce reward of seventy eight million dollars. Jio eight ten business in tetrapods with more than two billion,.

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