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No no no michael. He goes to play the giants. They probably like twelve percent over there. You get paid for where you play. What comes to call it. That doesn't sound right michael no this you have to file tax return turn. I do you or your accountant does he. You're you're you're a one percenter your community okay so for example. You and i filed tax returns. We have to a file. We have to fill out a w. Two in pennsylvania and new york and floor will not florida and texas tech's but in georgia and in in utah and in oregon and you know anywhere because that's where we did the work so we have to for that game we have to pay. Hey taxes in that state so elliott's making say one hundred thousand game. He's got to pay thirteen thousand dollars for that game and then when he goes to new york's i gotta give another twelve for that game when he goes back to texas. He gets it all yeah. That's how it works so when you go so but but michael steele he gets eight home. I'm game in dallas so he does make more money but i always hear that for m._b._a. Players like they say well. If you go to texas you. Could you know it's going to be much less. What's going to be for forty one games. It's going to be last <music> but when they play the kings of the warriors of the clippers the lakers they get taxed. They text us like you and i do so it's not a it's not as it is a significant tax advantage but it's not as big as as they might make it out to be now. Do you believe we're talking about a lot of numbers and mumbo jumbo do you. I believe ezekiel elliott will be in uniform anytime during the first two weeks of the season. Are they gonna play a couple of games without him. <hes> like talking about the day they got until next wednesday before of course horsa opening weak opening sunday so he thinks wednesday's kind of like the bottom line if he's going to play in week one <hes> so would you throw them out. There would season preseason. A lotta guys haven't played look at the rams guys in practice. He's been working out in. You know he's a now hob- oh yeah. He's a four year veterans so he knows what he's doing so yet. Put them right away. I think it'll get resolved before week. One dollar like he said this morning in keyshawn knows football anybody else around you times a million he he says it's all about a couple of million dollars probably usual bet mortimer. I say he will not be in uniform will euro and one dollar. I nine did not think he will be there when and they roll that around i it just doesn't make any sense for either side to cave now because they opened up against the giants. They meet the giants without ezekiel elliott in dallas. I'd have to look that up. I think it might be in new york coming up next buster olney e._s._p._n. Top baseball guy buster was here on sunday. He worked the <hes> the yankees dodgers dodgers series and so we could talk to him about that and everything else going on in baseball and we're about twenty minutes away from fast track michael information e._s._p._n..

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