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That was so good and you would have loved to see them do so much more but even the small amount of time if they did have while they were on the on the roster they had a major impact and It's truly tragic. What happened our thoughts? Prayers go out to shut guests. Barreds wife family As his son his family's friends of course all of his fans and Don if you're looking for a way to support Shad Gaspard family during the situation collar elbow right now. They do have a t t shirt up and Hundred percent proceeds are going toward shaggy sports family. There's a lot of other things that are taking place right now. That seem to be Extremely Good Mick. Foley has offered to fund the production costs of a screenplay that show gas. Marta wrote that his wife is making her mission to make sure it sees the light of day so hopefully we get a lot of good here on. C. That impact Chad gusts part had because he truly deserves it. And I think to me in the last thing that I'll say just to Kinda wrap this all up. Dr Trae is you know. W We always posts those loving memories Social Media Posts and You know we see from time to time like thoughts and prayers with and so they just simply put a hero When it came to shot guests barred and to me that speaks the ultimate volumes and just goes to show you The type of Person Chat Gaspard was. Yeah I mean can't argue that. In by the way those t shirts from Colored Elbow Are Awesome. I I've got you know I've seen a couple friends of mine order. I'm already seeing kind. Of what the look and design is they. Are THAT OLD. You know it late. Eighties Mike Tyson throwback style just a beautiful plain kind of shirt that's elegant in you know bad ass in the same kind of ways if you get the chance to go out there and the got that shirt. You definitely won't be disappointed in it. It's just something that You know anybody that was a fan of shad or or wants to where the family definitely pick up. It's just it's just really well done in. Just shout out to those guys at call an some really good guys up there. Let's get into This week's what's good is. We'll look the everything from the world of professional wrestling And of course they won't preview predict A. Wwe nothing for this Saturday Starting with smackdown Dr Trae I want to talk about here because I feel like we learned more about oldest while he was on miss. Tv And then there's some stuff that they do with Otis that I think is a little bit In bad in poor taste like it make me feel as a fan and connecting with owed the wrestler and some of those things are as we see every single time he tries to step on the ladder it breaks and then this time on TV. A chair breaks. And I think it's getting to the point where it's in poor taste and I don't know what they're trying to do to make me feel bob better as a fan towards Otis. I like the stuff that he that he showcases in regards to his learning disability grown up with a single parent. Like that's relatable. Thanks a guy that was bullied. Like these are things that fans can relate to but when they have him step on a ladder and then he breaks a chair when he goes to sit on it. I don't understand what the point of that is And then throughout the whole night there we have Otis I get. He gets challenged to be attacked. He match with Ms Morrison. Shame turns him down. Manny row suggests that he goes and Talks. Lebron's Roman to be his partner he goes to Ron Brown. Says he'll think about it but he also mentioned that he expects Otis is going to try to cash in Then when they ask Bron later on the show he says he's still thinking about it then he comes out and tag team partner. Vote which to me just like the entire thing makes no sense from that point like all those little vignettes of think about. I think about a two of them at least like when he when he was talking about. It's like just partner at that point. Okay and then you know just go through the whole thing that they both agree that he won't cash in during the match. Brana notice end defeating Ms Morrison Otis cashing in on Bronwyn. Manion rose comes down to the ring and then ends up not doing it telling branch from and it was just a joke the booking in that episode of smackdown Dr Trae. This past Friday night had me curious and wondering that fans were in the crowd if they would start to to start turning on him because it's gone to the point. Now where I think fans really love to Otis in a character that was when he won the money in the bank briefcase they grown because of like this is someone that doesn't deserve it right now. Given the way that he's been built up. And now this past Friday edition of smackdown and and you know he's turned his back or not turns back on Tucker Tucker's nowhere to be found. Who KNOWS WE'RE TUCKER IS? I guess he's stuck in the woods. According to Otis to me these are it's like starting to get a little bit helix here and I don't think that they're trying to book that way. So where do you stand on Otis? The character right now. Do you think you'd be booed do you? Do you like what they're doing with them. Are they kind of botching? This a little bit So I can see what they're trying to do but it's almost from like a late eighties early nineties. Wwe style where it's almost like. They're fat shaving him to make us feel sympathy towards him. Like look at this lovable Klutz. You know he's so big. He came as it a chair again. Climb a ladder kind kinda one the. Bake on a fluke. He's really only had singles win so far it has wwe career and yet he's in position to cash in on our other big giant fan favorite at any moment. So you know. Will it be greed will be? Will he stick to his honor? I kinda see what they're trying to do but they're not doing it well Part of what makes Otis part of this whole organic bill? That originally happy was. He's lovable and he's fun. And we all kind of know the guy that's chased the hot girl but wasn't physically. You know perfection to actually get her. And you know the the the jocks or the pretty boys are always trying to cut them off and they would get the girl and then you know down the road. She's like oh I should have been with you because you're such a nice guy. We all have either been there or know guy and now it kind of feels like w goes oh. We get why the fans like him. So let's just amp everything up and that'll make them love him even more and that's not usually how it works and then Mandy comes down as a guy if I have this really beautiful woman that I'm trying to impress win over If I can cash in and become champion and be that night in her that knight in shining armor for her it makes sense. I get why they teased the cash. In but you're right. The stuff with Braun in the middle was not good because if Otas is so lovable He should have no problem finding a partner in the building. There's other good guys in the building. so Shimin that hard you know in of bronze such a good guy. He should have been you know what I know. I can still beat you. So yeah absolutely your tag partner and if you tried cash in I'm GonNa you're get these hands. It should have been that simple but they just overcomplicated to where now guys like me. You're going I don't know what they're doing. It's it's kind of English but it's like it's just. Wwe has its neck for overcomplicating simple situations because they think needs the added complications to make us care more. Yeah they're they're getting their hands on it and they're Kinda and this all up. I thought the briefcase was a mistake at this point in time Keep doing what he was doing. But now the stuff this past Friday I was like man. I don't I don't think I like this oldest character right now. It just. It's to the point where it's like very cheesy and very corny and not organic like it was and I agree with you. I think you it's spot on. This is one of those times. We're w we has seen something organic grow. They get their hands on it and they kind of it. And that's what they're doing right now without is because I did not like the way that they booked him on smackdown. This press Friday other things that I joined from smackdown this past week. Sonia Deville cut great. Promo hyping this on your ziglar. Otis Mandy Tactic match for tomorrow night. Smackdown I thought she has been absolutely greatly trae. I mean Sonia. We've mentioned this multiple times down the show but she is come so far from tough enough. She is really become a great character lately. She's actually my favorite female character to watch on spanked on right now like the other ones. Bailey's hit and Miss Sasha. Everybody knows my feelings on Sasha Mandy as you know in a sense to Otis's Lancelot I i. it's it's. She seems more bland now than before but Sonya to me has been up there with what Oscar has been doing. A lot of ways as far as entertaining in a facility. That has no fans really gauge outer. Taking somebody is like I watch Oscar. Aw I just laughed my ass off. I think she's great in the ring and she's been really compelling as a character and I feel the same way about Sonia where we're seeing so many different levels of death of care with Sonia that like I mean she can an average promo right now and it's still better than most of the other women but You know she's doing right now is so. Dan and I'm like well actually intrigued by you. Know finally like Sonia Mandy match. I never I. I knew wanted to see a because he loves the way band but looks but you know Sonya now has just made that thing where I'm like I just wanted to beat the crap out of Mandy. Because she just comes off as legit us she's coming off almost more bad or she probably going to be off more legit bad ass than Shayna Baiser When it comes to quote unquote main roster females Allen's speaking of superstars that are potentially breaking out right now. There is a lot of scuttle in regards to Dana Brooke. There's a lot of people that felt like that if seeing punk said this on. W. Backstage couple of weeks ago that if there was a live crowd during the money in the bank match that was in w headquarters that Dana would be super over the following night from the pay per view and I tend to agree with that I think she played a fan of fantastic role during that match. And now we're seeing her defeat Naomi handily. By the way and months ago it would be Naomi defeating Dan. Brooke within seconds is Dana. Brook on the verge of a breakout here I mean for her. I hope so. I mean she's toiled in. Wwe Long for long enough. I mean people forget like me. She was INEX- t when Oscar was there and she was teaming up with Emma. Wasn't it wasn't sure with Emma camera who she was with Dana? Brooke Yeah She was. You know she was kind of like you know. Just feeder for Oscar when Oscar. I debuted in private streak and then you know she had her little time in titus world..

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