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With the subaru retailers of new england all wheel drive traffic on the threes and mike you brought to us by the van loan school at college some of the busier highways are up to the north right now laurie we start with this big backup on four ninety five northbound it stretches from route in littleton all the way up into chelmsford almost nine miles of stop and go with ongoing bridge work at route one ten they've got the right lane getting by and this will be set up for a while longer so keep that in mind now as far as southbound goes it's backed up before ninety three all the way down past woburn street lowell and then delays down after route three ninety three northbound is pretty much all stop and go from the bridge up through medford and spot pond past commerce way as for route three well you're in it as soon as you get on from one twenty eight up through bill rick not bad up into chelmsford what's how route one's doing here with kristin eck in the mall free insurance copter like the ride on route one northbound runs out of steam route sixteen in revere very tough from there up to lynn street after that it's a case of on again off again slowdowns from essex street in saugus up toward the lynnfield tunnel kristen eck frei insurance copter downtown the lower deck of ninety three's okay the tobin inbound loop ramp soul backed up sewers the leverett connector either way sterling east is back before the bu bridge the ted williams tunnel westbound jammed so whether connector tunnels and the sumner tunnel is well and the expressway all brake lights coming out of the tunnel loosens up down after columbia road you're back in it by neponset circle next report five fifty three wbz's traffic on the threes advance your leadership role.

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