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I'm John Baxter. This is John Cara back part of Azerbaijan. I have visited several times in these last years. A land of great farming potential that has left right now to my discernment. To be very much a part of the world conversation about peace and war there is fighting and no gardener car back now. There has been fighting over these decades since the end of the Soviet Union. Especially because it know garner car back a mountainous region with lots of alleys and lots of water and lots of fertile land was overrun and the next by forces from Armenia. And those Armenian forces have remained in place with a line of control drawn in the dirt for decades. That may be changing, and I welcome Hickman, Hygiene, assistant of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Head of foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration. He is in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Ah, very good evening to Mr Haji of heck, mad. Why is right now? Why is there fighting and Nagorno car back, which is part of Azerbaijan? It's part of your country. Why is there fighting? Good evening to you? Good evening. It's all the pleasure it still don't actually for the 30 Years war import by Armenian Azerbaijan continuous You're absolutely right. That territory behind seven Addison religions down. The location of Armenia, also at Clinton has been conducted against Virginia people in occupied credited Why now? Broken escalation of this conflict actually was unexpected because we have seen our million prime minister on purpose. Deliberate manner was trying to destroy substance on four months off the negotiation process, he said. Kalaba full stop in Armenia it needs but there's nothing we can discuss in the negotiation process. I also tried to change a four month of negotiation process on a look of political movement of provocations committed by Armenia from another side, Armenian defense minister's adopted very aggressive military talked enough Armenia that said new wars for New territories and we have witnessed culmination ofthe on July when Armenia attacked other by John's border. I also tried to attack other official communication languages on DH. And over September since over September. We have been monitoring concentration off Armenian troops along the line of contact. They attacked other virginity. Ah, um, probably And that we have an escalation of the situation. Another by John both compels, taking a confirmation to enter insurance security and conservationist Julia on also finally to ensure the liberation of the Armenians, occupations. So there is a connection between the eruption of artillery fire on the international border. In July. And this president fighting in Nagorno car back there were later is that correct, Hickman? Ah, you know, attack on the border between army Another blowjob total direction but was also perpetrated by army inside which will be a provocation. It was just preparation Pull this wide scale operation from Armenia inside. On intention was to date of initiation process to create another provocation and also it also older life from the new military traffic of media that calls for new territory grab on new territorial occupation because their understanding they can attack our virginity on playing a joke among civilians and taking utilities or compiled against predators. So the inference safety off over the occupied territories, sometimes an understandable mindset. A full official doctor and the doctor off this country off in Armenia. Several days passed. I was surprised and and thrown back Toa learn that ballistic missiles have been fired from Armenia to ganja, the second largest city, a city I've broadcast from not once, but twice in these last years. A city of farmers and a city that is on a very important infrastructure route to add to Europe, those ballistic missiles. I believe there were casualties. But I was told that I said Why? Why would you attack gun to this? Not a military city. This is the center of Ganges built like a European city. The answer I had was That the Armenians were trying to provoke a ballistic missile attack against Armenia by Azerbaijan. As of now, that has not happened. Correct. You're not fighting in Armenia, You're fighting in your own territories that corrected man. Perhaps someone killed your mother. Virgin is operating on the sovereign territory, Father by John on territory. You get recognized by the international community and we're not going to the terrace of the country. On other by John of this operation is in peace enforcement operation from other genocide, the Interest Safety Institute of other beginning civilians to ensure visual of Armenian troops on also to green Finally Armenia to peace, But I mean, you can practice space in the negotiation courses contradicted manner. Unfortunately, wild things that fit on the battleground. They are attacking innocent witness on multiple locations and united to the cube and track population of cordial father began on today, the attacking flourishing on prosperous other Virginia City's with extensive missile attacks special they're using touch. Go smash that dangerous A loaded with a cluster munitions. Built attacked Candace. Second biggest cause of organics, also my hometown on DH Downtown citizen also annoying again. A collusion are living in a dense manner at the medieval Ah 50 your father by John This is an especially cells. They also targeted other communications, including the elected The Greek system means that you don't even try to Acapulco on Oscar's buckle certainly solved but from other but genocide. We are very selective in our target execution on Target selection we're using I take along technology. Including precision guided munitions, so to attack until nature alive, legitimate military targets on to minimise as much as as possible collateral damage is only legitimate military targets. I see. There is fresh video from President Ali of speaking to the Azerbaijani people and to the whole region than the whole neighborhood. What is the mood in Baku? Now? Are people frightened? Are people leaving? Do they support the efforts of reclaimed the gardener car back or do they have doubts? Hickman? We have a few summer down another by Jenna Society, because people also demanding from the government on also asking for the international community to end injustice against other virginity people. Because more than 30 years were suffering from this conflict from the war imposed by Armenia on other vagina, people, people, I think enough is enough. Enough of injustices enough also the crimes by army against other beginning studio, But in this period of time, Armenia killed more than 30. Other vagina civilians, including the kids, one found five members of one family, including the crickets died as a result of artillery attacked by more than 100. People have been found in more than 5000 homes have been destroyed in the cross hairs of other people for my job. Become like a studying, right? Just begin one hour 2000 and two a lot of people, man. The people are not intimidated on this in just demanding justice over huge time cannot imagine a society on what people want. Liberation ofthe other Virgin territory is returning to their homes and conflicts in the territorial integrity of the other by John also ending military occupation off Is there. An attempt to attack the international energy line that runs from Azerbaijan to Turk to Georgia to the Black Sea to Turkey? Has there been an attack on on the on the oil line of the gas line? Yes, they are actually the soul So I go by John Ford. I'm casting process capture also involved a lot of investment from foreign Pacnews right. Initial Pakistan growing United States investment is also present. They tried to attack other gas plant fun. One of the missiles loaded with a cluster munition landed next to back with a message. A home pipeline. Actually, they're only declared, but one of their target is the Sunday World. Hunger by John is one of the biggest one indigent. I wondered about sanguine, shallow visit in Sanggojae several times and I wondered if they were going to attack. It is very vulnerable to a missile attack vary. Here exactly.

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