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At the Vietnam veterans rest area that is shut down also known as the L. corn rest area because of landscape work all the in Jake up news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. mostly cloudy overnight low forty four to forty eight mostly cloudy and increasingly windy Sunday high sixty one to sixty five clearing and breezy Sunday night low forty one to forty five sunny and windy again Monday high seventy two seventy four thank you whether your own or just car Ericsson newsletter three point one K. F. B. K. reckons are always on the move they're in the car for at the office or working around the house Americans refuse to sit still so how do you connect with all those moving targets easy with radio radio reaches ninety three percent of Americans every week more than Google Facebook and even television because Hey who has time to sit and watch TV so when you want to connect with all those constantly moving adults teens and millennials get to I heart media dot com and four AM FM radio to work for your company for sure bring your next car truck the show room to your radio every week email Jerry now a car pro USA dot com catch the car pro show every Sunday afternoon five to seven here on KFBK the twenty twenty hopeful Ernie Sanders with warm J. son super Tuesday first hand information once the polls close at a super Tuesday video Neil and the KFBK news paying twenty twenty continues news nine three point one F. B. K. you may be one of the one in twenty six Americans will develop epilepsy in their lifetime to help the millions of people who experienced their first seizure each year and the physicians who care for them the American academy of neurology and the American epilepsy society have released a new guidelines on how to treat a first seizure it shows there is strong evidence that for adults who have had a first seizure the risk of another seizure is greatest.

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