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Trips into the Iraqi city of Mosel it was at that point still partly occupied by ISIS who the locals just called dosh I spent many hours huddled in small rooms with groups of Iraqi federal police and special operations guys who are all hunkered down listing for the telltale hump dashes drones which they used expires for their motor teams here's the thing about being in a dangerous place like that after a few hours of tense anxiety you start to get bored in the mobile internet Mosel was actually pretty good surprisingly good better than it is in Los Angeles sometimes so periodically when I should have been doing literally anything else I would without my phone and check Facebook I remember one time in particular I was embedded with a small unit of guys from the Iraqi night federal police battalion things were exploding about a football field away from us and I was Facebook a bomb went off near by and I looked up from a smartphone and realize that everyone in the room my Kurdish fixers my wife slash photographer the six soldiers we were chilling with all of them were browsing Facebook one hundred percent of the room was on Facebook no I'm telling you the story because I want to start this week's podcast about mark Zuckerberg bike knowledge in his genius I'm about to spend about four hours tearing apart as a human being but in my opinion he is undeniably a brilliant man anyone who build something so universally desired and use has a kind of brilliance and Facebook is objectively brilliant in the same way that say heroin is brilliant so that's my little intro yeah yeah I like it a lot of digital ink has been spilled the last few years about the sentry negative impacts Facebook is that our society and world I wanna make it clear off the bat that well this will certainly be a part of the podcast I tend to be Facebook as a tool and that's more or less morally neutral on its own our goal here is not to attack the social network is a concept or make you feel bad about using it I haven't delete my Facebook it's how I talk to my family yeah that's how I keep an eye on my mom's confusing internet presence yeah yeah parents hearing a lot of fake news about scary things yeah my mom likes means something even grosser my mom started doing this thing racial change your profile picture to a llama and it's some some old joke that I don't understand and she can explain it to me we do it on faith can those like why boomer battalion.

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