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Tonight. Down to 50 tomorrow 77 Partly cloudy skies for your Friday and then we get the clouds moving in Saturday. Slight chance of rain, but Most likely Sunday is going to be the wet day with what's left over of from Delta headed our way and right now is 51 kind of chilly 700 wlw bettering your life by teaching you the financial ropes. Thiss is simply money on 700 wlw meat wagon with me from all worth financial. It's a simply money minute. Let's talk bourbon here. Um, people might have a lot more time on their hands leased. A lot of people do anyway. But Kentucky Bourbon industry is comin right now. If he's got more more people are drinking bourbon during this time. I'm not exactly sure what that says about how are coping. But we're buying bourbon and even making bourbon in 2010 Bourbon was a nearly $2 billion industry in America. Today, it's worth more than four billion is more than doubled in just that decade. This enthusiasm has led to more collectors wanting to revisit bottles from the so called Glen Era, simply the 19 sixties in the 19 nineties, no one was buying bourbon, so just kind of sat around on shelves. Now people are trying to get their hands. On the bourbon from that time that was sitting on the shelf for decades. So look, you know if you want to buy good bourbon and do it on a budget Well, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control is hosting bottle lotteries. This is for people who need to get your hands on the stuff. It's really difficult to get Teo. You can enter to win the chance to purchase rare bottles at a significant discount when they go for on the secondary markets. Um, if you.

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